Because I’m Appy

Note to Self - Faye Armstrong
Note to Self – Faye Armstrong

I got my first cell phone when I was 17, and the only thing I used it for was to (not) answer my mom’s calls when I missed my curfew. Now, everyone is connected to the digital world and you can do almost anything with a phone.
I’ll often prescribe a technology detox to help clients disconnect from the e-world, and reconnect with themselves. But for those times that you just can’t unplug – well, there’s an app for that. Here’s a roundup of some of my favourite (mostly free) apps to aid in a more mindful, positive and productive you.

This progress-tracking app has you set an intention to create good habits (flossing and drinking more water are some popular ones, but they can be whatever you want). After checking off the tasks you completed each day, your results are tracked in a graph, giving you a clear visual of how well you’re meeting your goals.
It’s pretty hard to ignore a graph showing that you worked out zero out of seven times this week (whoops!). Do you even lift, bro?

In the age of cyber-bullying, pics from that weekend in Vegas that probably should have stayed in Vegas and off the Internet, and that girl you went to high school with who won’t stop publicly fighting with her ex on Facebook, social media doesn’t always display the best of us. That’s why Winnipeggers Braden Pyper and Jason Berard created Posi – a social media platform that leaves no room for negativity and instead focuses on the positives.
Users post photos and captions that are inspiring, meaningful, powerful and full of good-feels. But don’t expect to be commenting on your friend’s latest photo.
With no comment feature, no one will be raining on your happy parade and posts are viewed only through the lens that they were intended to be seen: pure, purposeful and positive.

Gratitude Journal 365
With a calendar-like format, this app lets you keep track of the highlights of each day. Upload photos and document moments of gratitude on a daily basis. This practice is powerful because it forces you to stop and think about all the awesome moments you had that day, from the major milestones (yay, new job!) to the simplest pleasures (OMG, pumpkin spice latte). You can also look back at those wins from days passed and relive the good vibes.

With this app, you select a challenge (or make up your own) and post photos and videos proving that you completed the challenge within seven days. You can also nominate friends to complete challenges and compete with them for higher scores based on the number of challenges completed.
Think the ALS ice-bucket challenge, except the challenge is whatever you want it to be. This one is all about accountability. Pics or it didn’t happen!

The $3 price tag on this gem is well worth it for newbie and advanced meditators alike. Choose from a number of activities/moods like going to sleep, being in nature, or feeling stressed. Your guided session is customized based on your selection.
There are also meditations that let you zen out with a buddy. Or, fly solo with non-guided meditations using the app’s timer and track your progress as you go. The app also offers tips and techniques to help maximize your experience.
There’s most likely room in our lives to put the phone down and just be. But technology can also be an important tool in your development. If you’ve swiped left one too many times on Tinder and you need something with a little more substance, these apps might just do the trick.

Faye Armstrong is a life coach based in Winnipeg who is passionate about living life to the fullest and helping others do the same. For a little motivation or to learn more about personal coaching, visit

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