About us

Welcome to the new smartbizwpg.com! We hope you enjoy the publication’s latest incarnation.

Smart Biz is the door to opportunity in Manitoba. The monthly publication aims to connect young people with information about different educational paths and career streams. Our mission is to inspire young people to stay, work and innovate in Manitoba.

Working closely with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Smart Biz also presents perspectives from within the workforce to help match up employers with work-ready job seekers. Plus, we feature a healthy dose of lifestyle columns on health, money, gaming, personal life and fashion.

Smart Biz prints 10,000 copies and is distributed across the province to over 170 locations, including Safeways, libraries, universities, high school guidance counsellors and Service Canada employment centres, as well as along the walkways downtown including Winnipeg Square, Portage Place, MTS Centre and the Manitoba Hydro building.

The tabloid is the new version of SMART Careers magazine, which has appeared quarterly since 1996.

One thought on “About us”

  1. I noticed that you are linked to twitter which is great, but in order to reach all the young, up and coming workers of this generation, I suggest that every possible corner of social media should have be used to do so as I was looking for a facebook link to share aarticles, but didnt find one. I am a journeyman welder and millwright apprentice and I enjoy reading your articles and look forward to reading more about the future of Manitoba.

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