Camp Hughes: Manitoba’s forgotten military base

One of the last trench systems of World War 1 lies mostly untouched, but for the work of time that has made the trenches that zig zag across the ground into little more than ruts in some places.

Gone are the sandbags, the guns and the men who once called this place home for extended periods of time.

This place is in Manitoba, not far from Highway 1. Continue reading Camp Hughes: Manitoba’s forgotten military base

Out of Fuel, Out of Time: the Gimli Glider

Gimli is well known to Manitobans for many things: it’s the distillery home of Crown Royal Whisky; the Icelandic Festival, Islendingadagurinn, held annually on the August long weekend and — for those old enough to remember, a cheap sparkling wine called Gimli Goose, popular in the 1970s (along with a menagerie of other brands such as Baby Duck, Fuddle Duck and Pink Flamingo), that could, if you were desperate, also double as makeshift ice cream topping. Continue reading Out of Fuel, Out of Time: the Gimli Glider

Feeling social?

What’s hot in the social media and app worlds

Pokemon Go
If you are one of those Canadians who has taken the necessary, tedious steps to play Pokemon Go: congratulations, you are part of the biggest thing since Tamagotchi. I totally dated myself just there didn’t I? If you’ve always wanted be like Ash and be a
Pokemon Master, this app allows you to find Pokemon in the real world around you. Just try not to wander into traffic for a Rattata!

image1 (1)Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram
Prisma is the all new way of adding new filters to photos you’re taking, or photos that are sitting around on your phone or in your iCloud. If you’ve ever wanted to see how you would look as a painting out of the 16th century, Prisma may very well be the app for you this August.

Eshine cleans up in Winnipeg

You’re out at the club with your friends, and having a good time. The music is good, the company is better and you’re a little sad when the night ends and the music stops and you have to go home. You pile into a cab with some of your friends, and head off into the night, either for sleep or onto your next adventure. Continue reading Eshine cleans up in Winnipeg

LKB Photography: Shooting for the Stars

Lisa Brezinski

When Lisa Brezinski’s friends saw that she had named her new photography business LKB Photography, they assumed that LKB must have been Lisa’s initials. In fact, they are the initials of her father Larry, who passed away suddenly in December of 2009.

“He was a hobby photographer his whole life,” said Lisa. “He worked for MTS for 30 years and had his own business. Photography was just something that he loved and thought was really fun.” Continue reading LKB Photography: Shooting for the Stars

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