Cimetrix helping Manitoba build its 3D capacity

Owner, James Janeteas, speaks with a University of Waterloo student in the campus’ 3D print studio.

Canada’s largest provider of 3D technology is a company called Cimetrix. Based in Oshawa, Cimetrix has spent the past 12 years introducing the practical and rational aspects of 3D printing technology to Canadian industry and academia. To date, about 30 per cent of their machines have been placed in academic institutions, and of that number, about 65 per cent are in high schools.

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As the baby boomer generation makes its way into retirement, economists are anticipating a major labour shortage in skilled trades across Canada, increasingly so over the next five years. This means that now more than ever, trade certification can be both a rewarding opportunity for career-minded individuals, as well as a vital contribution to Manitoba’s economy and the Canadian economy as a whole.

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The next new technology 3D printing

by Dorothy Dobbie

Six years ago, a 3D printer would have set you back $100,000 to $300,000 to make a flimsy prototype from a waxy material. Today, 3D printers are available as desktop printers for the price of a good computer and materials can vary from living cells to gold and titanium. You can even use a 3D printer to make another one for a friend.

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Winnipeg’s Rising Star


By Cindy McKay

“I learned a lot about myself and learned to handle criticism on a whole new level. I was shot down a fair bit and the feedback was harsh…” Winnipeg Over the Rainbow candidate Colleen Furlan says, reminiscing about CBC’s ‘Dorothy’ competition.

Millions of Canadians spent Sunday and Monday nights in November last year watching Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Over the Rainbow in the quest to find the next Dorothy. Webber has produced other television shows to find leading talent for stage productions in Canada, the United States and Europe. His goal, to raise the profile of live theatre productions in front of a television audience and showcase upcoming talent by involving the public in this pursuit, has resulted in dreams that come true for some of the competitors.

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