Pharmacists handed new challenges, bigger role in patient care

By Peter Betts

Pharmacists take on a key role in keeping Canadians healthy.

Managing drugs is a daunting responsibility. The average Canadian fills 10 prescriptions a year, a number that’s slowly rising with an increasingly aging population. However, the duties of the people who dispense these prescriptions, more than $31 billion worth, has drastically shifted in the last couple of years. The functions of pharmacists – from the education level to the workplace – is changing.

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Become a Nurse Practitioner in Canada


Despite the fact that nurse practitioners are becoming increasingly important in the Canadian health care landscape, the graduation numbers don’t reflect this.

By Trevor Graumann

Nurse practitioners can do almost everything a doctor can do

Nurse practitioners are becoming an ever more important, yet still largely invisible, development in Canadian medical care. Their advent opens up new dimensions in nursing careers for those who have an interest in expanding their nursing options

The purpose of nurse practitioners is to relieve doctors of some of the more routine aspects of their work, but nurse practitioners have a surprising number of responsibilities and duties. They can treat and even diagnose under the supervision of a doctor. They can prescribe all but narcotic drugs. They can even perform minor surgeries.

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Looking at tomorrow’s job market…

They’ll leave behind high paying jobs, while their growing health care needs offer a tremendous growth opportunity in a raft of health-related industries as well as in supplying health services.

By: Roger Gibbins, president and CEO of Canada West Foundation
       and Ryan Pike, Jim Hume student intern with the Canada West Foundation.

With the Canadian economy recovering from the recent recession, Canada’s economic outlook is in good shape compared to the rest of the world. Canada is the only G7 country that has returned to pre-recession levels of real output. While the past few years haven’t been optimal for recent graduates entering the workforce, opportunities for youth employment are gradually improving.

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Are you ready to fly solo?

Employment opportunities will favour individuals and small firms in the new high-tech economy.

By David Seymour

What do a 100 year old Nobel economics laureate and one of the granddaddies of the silicon chip have to do with your career? When you put them together they offer a deep insight into what the economy and workplace will look like over the coming decades.

First, some introductions.

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