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Smart Biz brings news of opportunity to young people in Manitoba each month. If you run a business or have a cool job, we want to feature you in the publication. If you have creative aspirations, we want to provide you with the resources and inspiration to help you along the way.

Email suggestions, story pitches or feedback to:

4 thoughts on “Get involved”

  1. Hello, My name is Dr. Sanjiv Badhan and I am a Chiropractor currently working at Dakota Chiropractic (on St. Mary’s Rd). I am reaching out to the various Groups/Clubs/Associations in Winnipeg to see if you would be interested in my services or a Chiropractic club. We currently have a community outreach and public information program that we offer to various groups and associations throughout the Winnipeg area. We do meet and greets, provide educational talks, and do screenings at no cost. If this is something that would interest you, then feel free to e-mail and we can discuss this further. Thank you.


    Sanjiv Badhan, DC

    1. Hello Dr. Badhan!

      My name is Colton De Vos and I am the co-owner of a local web design and internet marketing company, Delvos Designs. I noticed that Dakota Chiropractic doesn’t have a website and I wanted to see if there was an opportunity that we could work together. A website can help you provide a public calendar of events you are hosting, further promote your community outreach, and be a place you can put some of your educational talks.

      I can be reached at or visit to see some of our work.

      Anyway, best of luck with the biz!

      – Colton

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