On the road again: delicious snack tips for that next road trip

Twist Me Toned - Tannis Miller
Twist Me Toned – Tannis Miller

As we begin to venture five hours west through the prairies, we decide we aren’t going to let being “on track” and eating completely healthfully consume us – but instead adopt a healthy leeway for those external curveballs that we may not have the greatest control over.
Our motto with TMT has always been consistency and balance, but as we’ve learned, being completely “off,” or “on” for that matter, has no place in that mindset.
Fully equipping ourselves with nutritious and handy pre-made snacks was our first plan of attack in creating that room for splurging!
I had de-stemmed a container of grapes for handy noshing, and used up some leftover turkey sausage for little sausage and spicy cheese bites. I also cleaned out and filled an empty peanut butter jar with natural peanut butter, and placed a bunch of chopped celery in the mix for a deadly combo, and a convenient (although a little messy) snack – it was great in theory!
Of course, the TMT paleo chocolate peanut butter bars took centre stage among all nibblings and quickly proved to be a mouthwatering treat paired with coffee! My mom had also packed my favourite quinoa bread for a cleaner option at breakfast. She’s on it.
The family I was about to visit is all about its KFC, so on Saturday night, we dove right in to the goodness and had a couple of drinks along with it!
I also didn’t completely avoid the cookie tray (just two!), I munched on a few Cheetos, and I enjoyed a little bowl of vanilla ice cream with garden-picked raspberries (picked by moi!). No sweat at all – we had killed our workouts during the week and had eaten clean as a whistle the entire trip.
A little planning goes a long way, and every healthier option you make helps you in the direction of your goals. In the long run, consistency always wins, just like pure gluttony or complete deprivation will fail you every time. Give yourself a break, but don’t abandon your goals!

Here are some other simple grab-and-go snacks that won’t add to your waistline:
-flavoured tuna & rice cakes
-hummus & rice cakes/bell peppers
-protein powder
-oatmeal (mix with hot water on the road)
-fresh-cut veggies
-hardboiled eggs
-yogurt & frozen berries (the frozen berries will help keep it colder!)
Some of these items can even be stored in a gym bag or office drawer for those busy but starving moments. So stock your kitchen with these foods and the next time you are rushing out the door, be sure to grab and go!

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