Bad Pants could be a wise career decision

You probably know about the Young Associates’ Black and White parties, which carry on in the tradition of Commerce socials dominating youth’s social calendars.
But the Young Associates’ fundraising events don’t stop there.
The Bad Pants Golf Tournament is second-only to the Black and White Gala in its grandeur.
“We bring out about 144 golfers, so it’s clearly not just a members’ tournament,” says event planner, Monica Derksen.
Sponsorship grants businesses a free foursome for the event, so attendees get to hobnob with top-level executives and employees on the course.
The golf tournament attracts elite sponsors like Rudy’s Eat & Drink, Shark Club, Labatt Brewing Company, Birchwood BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
Both of the major car dealers sponsor hole-in-one prizes which would nab the lucky driver a three-year lease on their swanky vehicles.
Giveaways and contests are littered throughout the course including prizes for, you guessed it, the worst pants.
“We get some interesting teams,” understates Monica.
golferGender-inclusive short-shorts have made an appearance at previous events, and pants from less fashionable eras reappear each year.
Due to its uninhibited theme, it’s pretty evident from the get-go that the Bad Pants tourney is about having fun.
Monica says that only about 50 per cent of the golfers are regular players, and the rest either play infrequently or have messed around the odd time at the driving range.
With Labatt pouring at holes, snacks and DJs to greet golfers at various tee-offs, even the serious golfers loosen up in the relaxed atmosphere.
As with all of the other major Young Associates events, Bad Pants’ goal is to raise money for the Asper School of Business and offer unprecedented networking opportunities to young professionals.
This year, the committee sponsored two students to play alongside members of its sister organization, The Associates.
The Associates is a group of top business leaders in Manitoba who actively support business education locally.
Having access to these high-ranking businesspeople before graduation can be hugely impactful on a young career hopeful, especially spending a substantial chunk of time with the execs in a casual setting.
The tournament doesn’t stop at the informal golf round either.
A tournament fee covers the 18 holes at Elmhurst Golf and Country Club, a tee gift, and a full sit-down lunch and dinner (which includes prime rib, seafood, antipasto, shrimp and bruschetta stations), so the opportunity to meet with any of the prestigious attendees isn’t lost after playing 18 holes.
The Best Score, Longest Drive and Most Honest Golfers get awarded, among other prizes, so the chance to make an impression continues long after you’ve made your wardrobe decision that morning.
The shotgun golf tournament effectively levels the playing field for established career people and up-and-coming professionals with its encouragement of terrible fashion and ice-breaking contests – and golf is still one of the most predominant ways to make a strong and lasting business connection. (How could anyone forget that last extra “practice” swing you took?)
The Bad Pants tournament Aug.20 isn’t your last chance to get involved with the Young Associates this year. Visit to check out the event calendar or to learn more about the organization.

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