By any other name: Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology to replace Winnipeg Tech

A student performs electrical applications at the technical school.
A student performs electrical applications at the technical school.

When it’s time to choose a path that will lead them from education to employment, students in Manitoba have access to a wealth of high schools, learning centres, colleges and universities that can help them find their way. And soon, one of these resources will begin to offer an option that will improve access to higher levels of education, save time and money for our province’s learners, and boost the growth of its skilled workforce.
In April, the Province of Manitoba announced new legislation that will change the name of Winnipeg Technical College to the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT), and establish it as a standalone hybrid institution offering both secondary and post-secondary skills training.
By the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, the institution will become a school of choice with a catchment area covering the entire province. Secondary students from all over Manitoba will be able to transfer to and graduate from MITT with diplomas equal to those they would receive from any other high school. They can then, of course, further develop their employability skills at the post-secondary level, either at MITT or any other college or university.
This is, however, where the educational experience at MITT will differ from that of a typical high school.
Pre-employment credits will be taught to high school students at MITT and dual-credit courses will allow them to obtain a post-secondary education early on. This will significantly reduce the time and cost required for post-secondary programs and open up pathways to students who wish to enter the workforce as soon as possible.
As is the case under its current mandate, co-op and work practicum placements will remain a key component of MITT programming at both levels, ensuring that students have the opportunity in an industry setting to demonstrate the practical skills they have developed through hands-on learning.
Under the new legislation, MITT will also be given the authority to issue post-secondary diplomas, although the expansion into this area will be developed over time. Not wanting to duplicate any of the educational opportunities that already exist in Manitoba, MITT will develop new and unique programming to help fuel economic growth on a local, provincial and national level.
In addition to this enhanced programming, articulation agreements with other post-secondary institutions will be expanded, allowing secondary and post-secondary students attending MITT to ladder into whichever field they are best suited for, accelerating their studies.
Accelerated learning is already a familiar concept at MITT. The Institution currently provides a growing number of new Manitobans with the opportunity to bridge their studies from English as an Additional Language (EAL) programming to the same core offerings that all other students attend on their way to starting a career in trades and technology. And, it has maintained long-standing relationships with the Pembina Trails and Louis Riel School Divisions, providing them with the same technical training opportunities it will now offer to the entire province.
The broad scope of certificate- and diploma-based programming available through MITT will be further complemented by the Institution’s already fully developed continuing education division and its host of on-time corporate training solutions, tailored to fit the evolving needs of a dynamic workplace.
It is this comprehensive framework that will allow MITT to guide Manitobans from education to employment, and then back again whenever necessary.
The public is encouraged to reach out to the Institution for more information by visiting the Winnipeg Technical College website at or by following it on Twitter and LinkedIn and liking it on Facebook.

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