Operating engineers: the road to prosperity

Operating engineers can look like this, but they can also be painters, carpenters, bed mechanics, machinists, locksmiths, and more.
Operating engineers can look like this, but they can also be painters, carpenters, bed mechanics, machinists, locksmiths, and more.

As you travel down any road in life, you can usually tell how prosperous that trip is going to be by how smooth and clear the roads are ahead of you.
In towns that flourish, you are likely to see miles and miles of road-building crews with large and complex pieces of equipment leading to the city centres. As you pass those road-building crews, have you ever wondered who those men and women operating the huge machines are?
Who is it that controls those monsters so skillfully and with such agility, yet they create such a silken path for you to travel on? These artisans atop the large dozers, earthmovers and heavy rollers, those people who choreograph those leviathans with such precision are likely to be members of the Operating Engineers of Manitoba.
As you get closer to the City of Prosperity and gaze at the skyline, you will see skyscrapers, factory chimneys and towering cranes: another sure sign of growth and prosperity in that community. The people on top of those cranes are Operating Engineers.
The people controlling those boilers and chillers that keep the office towers warm in the winter and cool in the summer are Operating Engineers and yes, those factories with the chimneys so tall with their manufacturing equipment are all kept running by Operating Engineers.
These are all sights that you can easily identify with prosperity, and along with that, prosperous occupations associated with being an Operating Engineer. As the saying goes, wherever you see a chimney, you will find an Operating Engineer.
But being an Operating Engineer can be and is so much more. Once you arrive in the City of Prosperity, there are other businesses and employers that will need the unique skills and abilities of an Operating Engineer, talents that the uninitiated wouldn’t normally associate as being provided by one of our members.
Did you know the five-star hotel that you will be staying at is kept running by Operating Engineers. Operating Engineers keep the chef’s stoves hot so that your steak can be cooked to perfection. The housekeeping staff can only provide you with those crisp, clean sheets and towels you enjoy if someone keeps those washers and dryers running 24 hours a day with the hot water and steam they need. That someone who keeps everything running is an Operating Engineer employed at the hotel.
Need your television fixed while at that hotel? It’s probably an Operating Engineer who came to your room to fix it. Can’t get the thermostat set to your liking? Yes, once again, it’s an Operating Engineer to the rescue. These are all things that one would and should expect at a prosperous hotel in a prosperous city, and it is all provided to you by an Operating Engineer.
It doesn’t stop there. If you or a family member should ever need medical care or treatment and you have to visit a hospital or long-term care facility, it is an Operating Engineer that keeps the doors open for those doctors, nurses and lab technicians to enable them to do their jobs. Operating Engineers are there 24/7 to keep you and your family safe. By the way, there’s also a good chance that that nurse by the bedside is an Operating Engineer.
Do you know who is responsible for all of that complex equipment used in our modern-day hospitals? Who it is that keeps the Operating Room equipment in optimum condition day after day for each and every operation? That person is an Operating Engineer trained in the maintenance and repair of all the biomedical and laboratory equipment. The radio isotopes used in cancer treatment comes from an Operating Engineer. That X-ray and ultrasound machine that produces those confusing pictures that make no sense to you and me is fine-tuned by an Operating Engineer.
The more closely you look around you in a healthcare facility, the more likely you are to encounter an Operating Engineer. The electrician who keeps the lights glowing, the plumber who ensures the water runs when the tap is turned – again, all Operating Engineers.
What about the things that most people don’t give a second thought to? Things that if they weren’t maintained would only then come to your attention? The paint on the walls, the filters cleaning the air, the chair or table that doesn’t wobble. These are all maintained by Operating Engineers. Oh, and if the table does wobble, better call an Operating Engineer. They’ll fix it right.
All manner of tradespeople: painters, carpenters, bed mechanics, machinists, locksmiths, elevator mechanics – these are all Operating Engineers. The list is endless.
I can go on and on, but as with all things, this tale must come to an end. Although our tour has only scratched the surface in the City of Prosperity, it is time to prepare you for your travels along that flat and even road back home, provided to you for your enjoyment and comfort by an Operating Engineer.
But before you go, there is one last task that must be attended to. It’s that inevitable phone call to bring home a jug of milk, and yes, that jug of milk was prepared and bottled for you by an Operating Engineer.
To find out more about how to provide you and your family with a life of prosperity, contact the Operating Engineers of Manitoba at local987@oe987.mb.ca or 204-786-8658.
-Operating Engineers of Manitoba

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