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Brookside Cemetery Field of Honour has a great historic resonance for the people of Winnipeg.

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On Sunday September 10, 2017, I participated in a special Canada 150 Candlelight Service of Remembrance at Brookside Cemetery. This remembrance has special power for us today, as we recall that these traditional lands of the First Nations and Métis peoples have sheltered generations of Winnipeggers not only in joy, but also in sorrow. Not only in life, but also when earthly life, is past.  Continue reading Brookside Cemetery Field of Honour has a great historic resonance for the people of Winnipeg.

Creating the Manitoba Possibilitarians!

Bold Ideas

By Dorothy Dobbie

In 1870, when Manitoba joined Confederation, it was with a sense of hope and possibility that drew people from all over the world. The sky was the limit – no project was too big, no effort beyond us. The future was bright and shining with hope. We were possibilitarians! Continue reading Creating the Manitoba Possibilitarians!


Cirque du Soleil is coming back to Winnipeg, but this time with its most acclaimed Big Top Show, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities.

The show will make its home at the corner of Sterling Lyon Parkway and Kenaston Boulevard under the iconic blue and yellow Big Top for just over a month, premiering June 2nd.

Kurios will take the audience back to the latter half of the nineteenth century – to a time of innovation in a changing world. With inventions such as the telegraph, railroad systems, gramophones and bicycles, people believed anything was possible and that the world could be explored in a new way.

Continue reading Kurios

They’ve got skills

National skills competition brings the country’s best to Winnipeg.

An expected 18,000 visitors and more than 500 youth are heading to Winnipeg this month for the 2017 Skills/Compétences Canada competition.

The event takes place May 31 to June 3, 2017, at the RBC Convention Centre.

The competition, which is in it’s 23rd year, will see Canada’s top youth and apprentices who are enrolled in trades training programs in colleges and high schools across Canada showcasing their skills. The competitions are represented in six sectors: Construction, Employment, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering, Transportation, and Service.

Skills Canada says the event provides tremendous opportunities for students from not only the province of Manitoba, but the entire country, to develop a stronger appreciation for the importance of skilled trades and technology careers.

In the next 10 years it is expected there is going to be a demand for close to 12,000 jobs for skilled workers in the construction industry alone in Manitoba.

This past April, over 500 students took part in the 20th Annual Skills Manitoba competition at Red River College. Students competed in over 40 different contests with a chance to represent Manitoba at the upcoming Skills Canada event.

Every two years, the winners of the Skills Canada National Competition go on to compete at the WorldSkills Competition, where their skills are put to the test at an international level against the best in the world. Manitobans Ashley Weber and Silas Meeches will be a part of World Skills Team Canada 2017 taking place in Abu Dhabi October 14th to 19th.

A Hometown Inspiration for Women in Skilled Trades

According to the 10th annual global study conducted in 2015 by the Manpower Group, skilled trade positions are the jobs employers have the greatest difficulty filling ahead of such professions as doctors, nurses and teachers. Here in Canada a study conducted in March 2016 by the Business Council of Canada via a poll of 90 leading Canadian employers showed that after leadership/management, skilled trades workers were the second highest “persistent shortage” (43% trending to 48%) followed by IT, then engineering and construction. Many young women have yet to explore these rewarding careers as there continues to be a small percentage of women who work in the trades. According to a recent report, the proportion of women who make up the skilled trade workforce in Canada remains at approximately 4 to 5 percent (source: WomenBuildingFutures.com).  Continue reading A Hometown Inspiration for Women in Skilled Trades