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Astrology 101: knowing your natal chart can lead to self-discovery

Rogue Wood - Vanessa Kunderman
Rogue Wood – Vanessa Kunderman

Fact: when I was working in finance before I had my financial column, I often secretly found out my client’s astrological chart to get a better understanding of who they were as a human being. It helped me understand their motives so I could use an approach that worked for them.
I know; it’s not too many times you hear about something left-brained like finance co-mingle with something abstract like astrology. But our natal charts can be shockingly informative, even silencing some of those people who think horoscopes are sheer and utter bologna.
As soon as we comprehend that we’re not just ONE sign, the whole practice of astrology begins to make some rather sound sense.
Below are the three most important signs in your natal chart when beginning to learn about your astrological profile:
What is a natal chart?
Most importantly, what the heck is a natal chart? When we are born, we are immersed into the centre of a complex map. Astrology credits the planets, constellations and universe itself for providing the mapped framework to dictate information about who we are as individuals. By using the exact time we were born, we can track where specific planets and stars were at that moment and how their position around us affects who we are.
You know how the Earth’s moon affects the ocean tides? Well, think of yourself like an ocean, and all the moons, planets and stardust are factors that affect you in the same way. I recommend picking up the book “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” to find out your entire chart.
Sun sign
You’ve heard this before – it’s that tired pick-up line used on you when you wear your favourite lipstick. “What’s your sign? Oh really? I’m a Libra. We’re so compatible.”
Your sun sign is depicted by which day of the month you were born. There are twelve zodiac signs, as many as there are months. A lot of babies born in December are the sign of Sagittarius, just like a lot of August babies are the sign of Leo the lion. Yes, these signs typically have specific traits, but our natal charts are comprised of multiple signs. That’s why not every Gemini you know is just like the other.
Our varying signs shape who we are, and though we may have a lot of Taurus in our chart, we will undoubtedly have other signs mixed in there as well.
Your sun sign is who you are as a person when you’re not thinking about it – when you’re mindlessly being you.
Moon sign
This one might be new to you. It’s a personal favourite of mine – I love learning a person’s moon sign. Your moon sign is that secret part of yourself that only a couple people get to know.
You don’t show it to everyone. It is your undertone, your morals – that undercurrent of who you are and why you do things. Learning a person’s moon sign is a huge advantage to understanding how they work.
While I’m a Libra and am always striving for peace and balance, my moon sign is Aries, an incredibly motivated and driven sign that can often cause conflict without trying. Aries moon signs can put a lot of pressure on themselves and even come off harsher than they mean to.
A harsh Libra? There’s no such thing! But there is when you read a person’s whole chart. These two signs are practically opposites, and learning that hugely helped me in my understanding of myself. Reading your sun sign and moon sign together is a great way to really discover how a person ticks, and you might just have an epiphany about yourself.
Ascendant sign
This is sometimes called your Rising Sign, and it’s another important one to know because of what it doesn’t show. Your ascendant sign is the mask you wear when you first meet someone. It is the impression you give and how you carry yourself – though it might not be who you really are.
Do people ever misread you or say you come off differently? I have a friend who always leaves others with the impression that she is this mysterious creature who keeps to herself, with a wildly attractive sexual undertone to her nature.
She has a Scorpio ascendant sign, but she’s really just a bubbly Gemini! But in new situations and experiences, she is unsure, so she defaults to her ascendant sign, Scorpio. I’m a Leo Ascendant, which means I charge into a room, ready to shake everyone’s hand and introduce myself. I come off confident even if I’m feeling a little insecure, busy wondering if everyone in the room is having a good time (Libra).
Finding out your ascendant sign can help you understand the first impression you give off, helping you become more aware of how those around you are reacting to you.
While there are many aspects to your natal chart, each sign giving you valuable information about yourself and even the generation you were born in – learning these three signs can be a great first start to learning more about who you are. And how you tick!
So, baby, what’re your three signs?
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