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Planning for the future

State of the City
Brian Bowman

Hello and welcome to this month’s issue of Smart Biz!

Each year, the Province of Manitoba invites input into the preparation of their annual budget. In response to their invitation, I was happy to have the opportunity to outline three key priorities the City of Winnipeg would like to see addressed in the province’s 2018 budget. These priorities included rehabilitating our regional roads like Portage Avenue and Pembina Highway, investing in public transit, and committing to a long-term predictable infrastructure program. Continue reading Planning for the future

Bridging the gap between First Nations and their members

OneFeather founder hopes to give First Nation and their Members the power of more efficient and effective governance through electronic voting.

Lawrence Lewis is changing election and voting practices for First Nations in Canada.

Lewis is the founder of OneFeather, a technology company that delivers leading technologies for First Nations elections & referendums, and member engagement delivered through a Member Registrar focussed digital platform built specifically for the unique needs of First Nations in Canada. Continue reading Bridging the gap between First Nations and their members

Preserving indigenous languages one app at a time

Ogoki Learning Inc. is the world leader when it comes to language apps

Canada’s Aboriginal languages are many and diverse, and their importance to indigenous people immense. During the past 100 years or more, nearly ten, once flourishing languages have become extinct; at least a dozen more are on the brink of extinction. When these languages vanish, they take with them unique ways of looking at the world.

Ogoki Learning Inc. is trying to preserve indigenous languages one app at a time.

It all started when Darrick Baxter, President of Ogoki Learning, created an Ojibwe language app for smartphones and tablets. Soon after the release, he noticed the app was doing what he hoped it would, teaching kids the Ojibwe language while keeping them engaged through mobile devices.

From that moment Baxter, who grew up in Winnipeg’s North End, knew he had to share the app with everyone, so he released the app for free.

Continue reading Preserving indigenous languages one app at a time

Manitoba teams bring home gold at NAHC 2017

Team Manitoba mens and womens hockey teams each took home gold medals at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships earlier this month in B.C.

It’s the first time since the inception of the tournament in 2001 that both teams have won gold at the same tournament.

Continue reading Manitoba teams bring home gold at NAHC 2017

The Extreme Costs of Extreme Weather

Have you noticed the weather getting weirder in recent years? Well, you are not alone.

From more heatwaves, cold, droughts; floods, and more oddities, including thunderstorms in Ontario in late February, the dice has become loaded with climate change helping to fuel more of these extreme weather events.

These events have an impact financially on government coffers globally.

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