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Combatting ISIS with truth might be more effective

Bold Ideas - Dorothy Dobbie
Bold Ideas –
Dorothy Dobbie

ISIS, sometimes called ISIL, is terrifying the world with its determination and ruthless brutality. This is the latest group to say they alone represent the religious ideal of Islam. In the name of their self-serving cause, which is to create an Islamic state according to their extreme views and to suppress all others, they are recruiting young people from many unlikely corners of the world.
At first glance, it is hard to understand the appeal of these groups to young people, who grew up in free and open societies. Yet, unlikely as it seems, the freedom and openness of our society may be partly at the root of their interest. Here is why.
Democracies are based on the survival of the fittest with an obligation to help those who are ill-equipped to help themselves. For the strong, the intelligent, the determined, this is an ideal system because it allows for unlimited self-expression and opportunity. But what if you are unsuited to that kind of competition as many are, yet you still have aspirations which you are sure you could achieve if only the world followed rules that make sense to you? Continue reading Combatting ISIS with truth might be more effective