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kinesiologistWhat happens when you go to a kinesiologist?
First, you get to keep your clothes on – big bonus!
Second, the doctor reviews your lifestyle and medical history.
He then moves your arms and or legs into different positions, applying gentle pressure.
This gives him information about your muscles and how they are responding.

Kinesiology, or human kinetics, is the study of human movement.

So what, you say. How does that get me a job?

The answer is that if you’re interested in being an athletic coach, a personal physical trainer or want to design athletic equipment, kinesiology is your course of study. If you are interested in rehabilitation services, working with the elderly or cardiac patients, kinesiology should be on your learning list.

Even if your goal is computer animation, the study of human kinetics can only enhance your ability to produce lifelike images.

Most of the above postings take self-confidence and leadership ability. You should be strong enough to lift fifty pounds or more if you are working with patients. And being able to work as a team is an important skill if you are interested in the medical side of the employment possibilities.

To be a full blown kinesiologist, it helps to have a background in physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, biomedical engineering, and psychology; at any rate, you need four years of post-secondary education to get into the schools of kinesiology and you should enjoy scientific research.

Canada grants a professional designation to kinesiologists; the U.S. does not. The world’s first kinesiologist department was developed at the University of Waterloo. Created out of the study of chiropractic medicine, modern kinesiology was developed in the 1960s. An American chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart discovered that muscle testing could reveal vital information about what was happening to the body.

The practice aims to restore balance in the body. According to the International College of Kinesiology, “When kinesiologists are faced with pain or a knotted-up muscle they test several muscles for equality of strength on both sides of a joint (or the spine). If they test and find a muscle tests weak on one side of the body compared with the same muscle on the other side, they work with body energy reflexes to re-strengthen the weak muscle.” Kinesiologists call this muscle balancing.

Imbalance can exist nutritionally, emotionally, physically or chemically all of which will manifest itself in muscular stress.

There are many places in Canada that offer studies in kinesiology: University of New Brunswick, University of British Columbia, University of Manitoba, University of Alberta, Queens University, Western and McGill, to mention just a few. Red Deer College also offers a certificate course in Kinesiology with their sports program.

Although the study of this science goes back to Aristotle (384 to 322 BC) who is called the Father of Kinesiology, kinesiology is a bit of a new-age approach to medicine, taking into account the whole body rather than just treating a specific symptom in one part. It will no doubt be at the leading edge of medical studies for the future, especially in a day of an aging population where movement and how to maintain it becomes increasingly important.

Massage spa helps customers to Live Right

Throughout the holiday season and into the New Year, many people allow themselves the luxury of relaxing and treating themselves. One such way is through massage and other related spa treatments.
Massage has long been proven to be good not only for the body, but the mind as well. Daryn Chernick, president and owner of Live Right Massage & Facial Spa says that too often, people wait too long before seeking massage treatment.

“Normally when you go to a spa, clients just book in for a single appointment,” said Daryn. “They don’t end up feeling healed, because they wait until they hurt, which is too late. The reason that employers give benefits to their workers is to allow them to get regular maintenance and to prevent them from getting sore or injured. This allows them to feel better, have more work days and have more enjoyment out of life. With our membership program, we help you get more massages out of the same amount of benefits in one year so you feel your best.”

Live Right offers a membership package unlike any other spa in Winnipeg, allowing customers to use their pre-paid services towards any spa treatment of their choosing. Focusing on body and skin care, the spa offers massage, facials, waxing, sugaring, steam and other some special body treatments.

Many of Daryn’s clients have been booking in for the holidays as a way of using up their benefits. Many work places, and most colleges and universities in Manitoba, include massages in their benefits packages, but they don’t roll over from year to year.

Catered to your needs and schedule
Born and raised in Winnipeg, not far from Live Right’s Taylor Avenue location, Daryn had used the benefits of massage for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that he saw the potential to make his own business in the industry. After living and going to school at DeVry in Calgary for a while, Daryn returned to Winnipeg. He worked with his family with Westco for a number of years, before seeking a career where he could help people and contribute to their overall wellness. He opened Live Right in November of 2014.
“I love it here. I love the changes in the seasons, I love the people, I love the small town in a big town mentality.”

Live Right came to be with help from the Manitoba START program and the Manitoba small business loan program. Live Right also takes on apprentices through Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Live Right was the first spa of its kind in Winnipeg to utilize the membership program, where people can sign up and use their membership fee towards any number of specialized treatments.
“We give a loyalty discount through the membership, and allow our customers to contribute for as long as they want without having to worry about coming in every month. Your monthly pre-paids do not expire, so you can save up a few and have a really great spa day if you wish.”

“It’s very flexible, and we’ve made it as easy as possible for people to come to a place where they’re seeing the same therapist that clearly understands their needs, and can put them on a treatment plan. That helps them to feel better with whatever issue they have. They also remind them to come more regularly so that they don’t only come after they’re already feeling bad, it keeps them feeling good and productive.”

Live Right Massage & Facial Spa is located at 1-1190 Taylor Avenue. To learn more about their services or to book an appointment, visit liverightmassage.com or call (204) 284-LIVE (5483)

Living in the now – even with long-term goals on the horizon

Twist Me Toned - Tannis Miller
Twist Me Toned – Tannis Miller

So much of the time (and I haven’t decided if it’s something that’s ingrained in us as humans, or an awful trait we’ve acquired), we are so adherent to focusing on what’s to come, we forget to revel in the moment.
In today’s world, I can’t help but notice all these sweet gems life has to offer go uncherished as our narrow focus gravitates toward to-do lists, synced calendars, and a plethora of looming tasks.
When did stopping to smell the roses become a mere poetic cliché? Has modern life truly become so unruly that we need exotic vacations booked to keep us hanging on, or have we simply forgotten how to soak up the “now”?
Twist Me Toned is about lifestyle in every sense of word, but in this case I want to really zero in on how fitness aspirations are completely relevant to savouring the moment. In terms of importance, long-term goals are of course at the top of the list, but we mustn’t forget how important each day in our lives is.
It is so easy to focus on the fact you want to lose 20 lb. that it can almost be impossible to do when you’ve set your sights on it and it’s all you’re looking at. In order to hit the big winnings, you have to slowly earn those nickels and dimes. I’m talking about focusing on the positives in your daily life and trying just a little bit harder to enjoy every step of the way.
Don’t wish your life away and fantasize about where you will be in three months or a year. Enjoy the now. Enjoy each workout and the feelings they bring you throughout, and when you’re finished. Enjoy your time with friends on your downtime and the support they give you for what’s challenging you.
Enjoy your meals and cook with pizazz! Look up new recipes, try new foods and spices; get creative with your inner chef! And maybe even most importantly of all, depending on how you look at it, enjoy your rest days and notice those small results.
These are all of your rewards – not just the big one. I challenge you to live just a little bit longer in the present moment, and stop yourself when you start to wish your days would pass you by just so you can be a little closer to something you think would be better.
Seek to see more of the fun in things and love what you do, because if you enjoy the process, the results will come anyway.

At Twistmetoned.com, Tannis and business partner Ainsley McSorley are your partners in success. With their unique online training system, they help women of all ages worldwide develop healthy body image, and the fitness and nutrition knowledge to shape their bodies and reach their highest fitness goals. Members receive monthly workouts and grocery lists, and can track their progress with progress trackers, activity calendars, and personal progress photo albums. The interactive messaging board and the ability to connect with Tannis and Ainsley on a regular basis keep motivation high and results soaring. Staying on track has never been easier!

Spending on health is a smart investment

Food co-ops are one of the many ways that can make healthy living affordable.
Food co-ops are just one of the many ways that can make healthy living affordable.
Young Money - Vanessa Kunderman
Young Money – Vanessa Kunderman

I’m as passionate about health as I am about finances. Being healthy doesn’t need to be expensive.
One of the biggest struggles for young millennials is finding a healthy balance in our personal and work lives. Many of us can become so stressed that we make ourselves sick. We work full-time and part-time jobs and are still trying to make ends meet. Our finances are often one of the biggest contributors to our stress levels.
When we’re stressed, our bodies need extra care. So why do we skimp on our groceries instead of our cell phone bills? We’ll buy a box of Pop-Tarts on sale instead of fresh organic apples because the Pop-Tarts are cheaper and, hey, I can get four breakfasts from one box!
Why do we second-guess what we put inside our bodies, while those 99-cent apps go down incredibly easy?
Paying $300 per month for a personal fitness trainer seems atrocious but our $150 car insurance, $300 car payment and however many hundreds we spend on gas each month are no-brainers.
Look, I know you’re locked into your cable plan or car loan or even your pricey apartment, but being healthy can be astonishingly affordable.
In fact, it can be as inexpensive as you need it to be.
Moksha Yoga’s karma classes only cost $5 — you can get your fitness in with leftover pocket change. If you can’t justify that, Moksha also has an energy exchange program whereby people in the program help out at the studio for four hours each week in exchange for free yoga. Brilliant.
And our bellies can benefit by getting involved with Winnipeg Food Share Co-op. This organization delivers healthy local food via small, medium and large food boxes at $8, $15 and $20 respectively. Boxes are delivered bi-weekly.
A recent $15 medium box contained apples, bananas, broccoli, cilantro, cucumbers, garlic, mushrooms, onions, oranges, peppers, potatoes and yams. The food is different each time, using in-season fruits and veggies.
You could spend that $15 on Pop-Tarts, eat them until you’re blue in the face – and await your next cold or flu.
Our weary, stressed minds can be soothed at the Sanctuary at the St. Norbert Arts Centre via its healing and meditation community. Each week, the Sanctuary hosts an array of events (with Thursday evenings dedicated to meditation) including drumming circles, reiki, crystal bowls and much more all for a small donation.
I know we can be a bit impatient and want all the cool gadgets, expensive clothes and restaurant dates — but don’t forget about your health. Getting sick costs a lot of money and if you can’t afford your gym membership, you definitely can’t afford to lose your health.
Vanessa Kunderman is a financial security advisor in Winnipeg. She writes every month on money issues facing millennials. Email her at: hello@vanessakunderman.com.

The next new technology 3D printing

by Dorothy Dobbie

Six years ago, a 3D printer would have set you back $100,000 to $300,000 to make a flimsy prototype from a waxy material. Today, 3D printers are available as desktop printers for the price of a good computer and materials can vary from living cells to gold and titanium. You can even use a 3D printer to make another one for a friend.

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