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Shrugging Doctor: revolutionizing liquor

By Rylee McOuat

Shrugging Doctors

When you think of a successful business that boasts its own headquarters in the city, sales statistics that have already doubled in under a year, partnerships with other local businesses and established government markets, and continual customer loyalty, you wouldn’t think that the faces behind the operation belong to that of two young entrepreneurs in their early twenties.

Shrugging Doctor Brewing Co., created and based right here in Winnipeg, is defying all traditional expectations for that of a successful brewing company. Dedicated to creating unique and delicious locally crafted wines, co-founders Willows Christopher and Zach Isaacs have a sense of drive and commitment, unlike any business owners. Continue reading Shrugging Doctor: revolutionizing liquor

Portage and Main

Stefano Grande

The Downtown BIZ is supportive of implementing a phased approach to make below and above grade improvements at the iconic intersection of Portage and Main, and in a forward motion that one day can lead to pedestrians crossing Portage and Main.

Last week, City Hall passed a $3.5 million motion to repair the crumbling Portage and Main intersection. But rather bringing back the barricades, which are crumbling, moving forward with building proper sidewalks and integrating the new design into the efforts of the private sectors own effort for the beautification of their own private spaces / plaza area. Continue reading Portage and Main

A city without homelessness

Winnipeg can solve homelessness. Just build the housing!

Bold Ideas –
Dorothy Dobbie

A few weeks ago, the Downtown Biz once again sponsored the CEO Sleep out for the homeless. For a few short hours, Winnipeg’s decision makers – or a small percentage of them – curled up in their down- filled sleeping bags and imagined themselves roughing it in support of those who have no home.

Some of us just showed up for the party and went home to our warm beds because it was a particularly bitter night. How lucky we are. Continue reading A city without homelessness

Winnipeg’s best kept secret!

Lawrence “Spatch” Mulhall (arms raised) and kids inside the gym at the BNC

The Broadway Neighborhood Centre helping youth through programs and support.

Bill Burfoot

There’s a hidden gem tucked away just off Broadway in Winnipeg that many people have no idea is even there. It’s a place that’s changing lives. It’s a place that’s making a difference in their community. It’s a place that provides youth the skills and lessons they need to help them realize and achieve their dreams. This place is the Broadway Neighborhood Centre. Continue reading Winnipeg’s best kept secret!

Summer Pet Safety

Summer here is a brief but wonderful season! Manitobans are known to take advantage of our province’s short but sweet period of heat, sunshine, and so much green! That feeling of elation that comes with heading outside to walk the dog while wearing shorts and sandals is familiar to all of us! Except your pooch, he can’t change his furry coat to something more summer friendly. So let’s discuss how to keep your pets safe and cool this summer in Manitoba!

Continue reading Summer Pet Safety