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What kind of creator are you?

by Alex Varricchio, Think Shift

You’re a creative professional, skilled in the art of problem solving. Someone has a business or brand challenge and engages your team to help solve it.

After developing the brief, you probably start by holding a brainstorm, gathering together various members of the team: planners, designers and anyone else who might provide good perspective. You all jump in a room and start throwing ideas out. Sometimes these meetings are successful; sometimes they aren’t.
One thing is consistent though – depending on the mix of people in the room, your results will vary. Significantly.
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Time to reinvent the province of new and bold ideas

I awoke the other morning depressed by a dream where I was struggling against being held down, restrained, unable to move forward. I was shouting, “You can’t hold me back. Stop trying to restrain me.” I had a choking, frustrated feeling in this dream.
If dreams are the portal to your real thoughts and feelings, perhaps this one was telling me that I needed to write about how it’s time for Manitoba to break its bonds of caution and insecurity and move forward boldly and courageously.
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