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OETIM, Training Tomorrow’s Construction Workers

OETIM, registered as a Private Vocational Institute, The Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba Inc., has been training workers in the hoisting and heavy equipment industries since 1986. The Manitoba Construction Industry turns to OETIM as the trusted source for Heavy Equipment Operator Training, Crane Training, Construction Safety courses and re-certification services.

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Labourers: a doorway to all the trades

When it comes to joining a trade, not all candidates have a specific skilled trade in mind that they would like to pursue. The job of a general labourer can provide an insight to joining another skilled trade, as they all depend on general labourers to help fulfill tasks in the construction industry.
Working alongside other skilled tradesmen and women, you will gain an understanding of the many attributes that it takes to specialize in one trade or another. It should be noted that the labourers trade does offer its own apprenticeships and the opportunity to become Red Seal certified.
In Manitoba, labourers work in industrial, institutional and commercial construction sites and also on road building, masonry, hydro and pipeline construction projects.
Looking forward, Manitoba has many projects either underway or set to begin that will require construction labourers. Those include new pipeline work, road building and rebuilding, and new hydro dam projects. Continue reading Labourers: a doorway to all the trades