Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Morgan McTavish woke up in her Ottawa hotel covered in welts. They were on her arms, her neck and her torso. “I must have eaten something to give me hives,” she thought in dismay. The welts were in clusters and some had red centres.

However, the spots didn’t go away. By the time she was back home, she was one big itch and some of the welts had become scabby spots from all her scratching. “This is clearly not just a case of hives,” she concluded and called her doctor.

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Getting connected to your future opportunity!

If you are looking for a new opportunity or are not satisfied in your current position, networking is the key to finding your next position. Networking has an approximate 85 percent success rate.

By Charlene Ramkissoon

You may be currently employed where you are satisfied, challenged and content. You may be in a position where you are not being challenged and are always keeping your eyes and ears open for new opportunities. You may be currently unemployed and are seeking that perfect job that matches your skills and abilities. In any of the 3 scenarios, it is important to stay connected or engaged in activities that will give you the “edge” or make you more visible which will ultimately open up future employment opportunities or encourage advancements and promotions with your current position.

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Manitoba heads toward world leadership in Arctic research

Grad students as well as professors and post-doctoral fellows are being hired at the U of M to work on a $45 million Arctic project on geomicrobiology and climate change. The project is led by Ottawa-appointed Canadian Excellence Research Chair Dr. Soren Rysgaard, a world expert on climate change.

Arctic research is being rapidly ramped up at the University of Manitoba, building on the existing Arctic system science pool of experts headed by Canada Research Chair Dr. David G. Barber, at the Centre for Earth Observation Science. This growth is largely connected with the recent arrival at CEOS of Dr. Søren Rysgaard, one of the world’s foremost experts on climate change in the Arctic.

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The three wise men of money management in Canada

Each accounting group has its own set of tasks, any would-be accountant needs to excel at working with details, being thorough in reporting, professionalism and critical thinking.

Whether it’s upper level management at Manitoba Hydro or at the head office of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, accountants can be found in most facets of the professional world. Like doctors, who may focus on anything from heart surgery to the health of your feet, accountants can specialize in a variety of areas. They are CEOs, CFOs, deans, directors and instructors.

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When a trampoline is a passion

How Dmytro Negodin got to soar with the Cirque.

You don’t get to become a Cirque de Soleil performer without a few lucky breaks. Just ask trampoline acrobat Dmytro Negodin. Between his young life in the Ukraine and travelling the world with the Cirque’s Dralion, some auspicious events had to transpire.

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