Taking the Heat in the Kitchen

A talented chef/coordinator and a new culinary arts graduate share their insights and experiences within the creative and fast-paced culinary industry.

By Julia Poole

What makes a good chef? A passion for cooking, artistic ability, lots of focus, willingness to work long hours and eagerness to learn. Trevor Bailey – the co-operative educational coordinator for the hospitality department at Red River College – recommends that students fresh out of culinary school work under a talented head chef at a good restaurant for three or four years to further develop the skills they learned in culinary school. Trevor does not recommend that people acquire head chef positions immediately upon graduating. In culinary school, regardless of how much previous cooking experience they have, students are taught everything from scratch. Students are taught the ‘language’ of cooking. Trevor says, “They learn introductory, advanced and specialty culinary skills which are designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding hospitality industry.” Students learn lab work and theory from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon (like a full time job). “Red River College [supplies] the entire industry with quality trained students,” Trevor says.

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A Passion for Fashion

Vanessa Heron’s talent and training make her a successful designer.

By Norah Myers

Vanessa Heron was born to be a fashion designer. The granddaughter of an Italian tailor and a seamstress, she grew up sketching, creating and cultivating a love for fashion, particularly evening wear and haute couture. Her family provided her with a basic foundation in drafting and tailoring. Vanessa further studied pattern making, sewing, and fashion illustration while still in high school. After graduating from Balmoral Hall School for Girls in 2004, she was accepted to Ryerson’s fashion design program in Toronto.

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What’s in a married name?

By Ada Slivinski

At the rehearsal the day before our wedding, the priest asked us how we would like to be introduced after taking our vows and signing the register. I had always planned to take my husband’s name, but admittedly hearing it for the first time, “Mr. and Mrs. Slivinski”, made me panic a bit.

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With a strong will and strong hands, Danielle launches dental hygiene career!

By Norah Myers

Danielle Sykes has been working as a dental hygienist for six months and has already paid off her government student loans. She applied for entry to the University of Manitoba’s dental hygiene program in 2007 after completing pre-requisite courses in chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology and statistics at the university but was not accepted on her first try.

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Sharpening Your Skills

The combination of theoretical training and apprenticeship work can lead to a rewarding career in carpentry and other skilled trades.

By Norah Myers

Neil MacDonald teaches at Red River College’s carpentry program and grew up surrounded by carpenters. Neil discovered a natural affinity for the trade from the age of 11 and has worked in the business since he was 17. Neil’s father originally encouraged him to be an engineer – and Neil took courses in high school that prepared him for university – but carpentry felt natural to him and he chose to remain in the trades.

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