Delectable Di Erbe

A local cosmetics company provides safe and natural products that are worthy of a spa but don’t break the bank.

By Norah Myers

Sheila and her family make the natural, organic, vegan products from scratch and display many of the key ingredients in the store to educate customers about what makes up the products they purchase. She recommends using Healing Neem soap for dry skin and following up with Dry Patch body butter. It’s the perfect combination for skin affected by dryness in the winter. Sheila recently made seventy jars of Dry Patch and now has less than ten jars left. People come in to her store to buy two to three jars at a time. The cream became so popular that she began shipping it to customers in Missouri, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

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Hot Mama

A professional chef and baker reveals how she balances life as a wife, mother, and cook.

By Norah Myers

Angela Baschuk has worked as a chef and baker for more than 13 years. After she finished high school in 1997, she enrolled in Red River College’s culinary arts two-year program. She had previously worked at a fast food restaurant, but she still considered herself pretty green. ‘I had no habits to break,’ she says.

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The art of distributing SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS

By Trevor Graumann

Your book is finished, all neatly printed out on clean sheets of paper; a novel, maybe. Or maybe your story is about helping educate a group of village children in Nepal or helping your father fight Alzheimer’s. But you can’t convince a publisher that readers will gobble up and be enriched by what you’ve written.

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Be an engineer, and help make the world work better.

Engineering students have to be bright, eager and willing to work. Engineering has the reputation for being the heaviest program on campus.

By Jo Simon

Take engineering and the world is your oyster, or so it would seem in this technically advanced age. Engineers have had a very key role in creating most of the things that make our world function today, from roads and bridges to water, telephone networks and waste disposal systems; from pills and medical equipment to the banking system that takes charge of our pay cheques every week or two.

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Morgan McTavish woke up in her Ottawa hotel covered in welts. They were on her arms, her neck and her torso. “I must have eaten something to give me hives,” she thought in dismay. The welts were in clusters and some had red centres.

However, the spots didn’t go away. By the time she was back home, she was one big itch and some of the welts had become scabby spots from all her scratching. “This is clearly not just a case of hives,” she concluded and called her doctor.

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