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Planning for the future

State of the City
Brian Bowman

Hello and welcome to this month’s issue of Smart Biz!

Each year, the Province of Manitoba invites input into the preparation of their annual budget. In response to their invitation, I was happy to have the opportunity to outline three key priorities the City of Winnipeg would like to see addressed in the province’s 2018 budget. These priorities included rehabilitating our regional roads like Portage Avenue and Pembina Highway, investing in public transit, and committing to a long-term predictable infrastructure program. Continue reading Planning for the future

Brookside Cemetery Field of Honour has a great historic resonance for the people of Winnipeg.

Hello and welcome to the October issue of Smart Biz!

On Sunday September 10, 2017, I participated in a special Canada 150 Candlelight Service of Remembrance at Brookside Cemetery. This remembrance has special power for us today, as we recall that these traditional lands of the First Nations and Métis peoples have sheltered generations of Winnipeggers not only in joy, but also in sorrow. Not only in life, but also when earthly life, is past.  Continue reading Brookside Cemetery Field of Honour has a great historic resonance for the people of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg’s First Indigenous Accord

Hello and Welcome to the May issue of Smart Biz!

Spring is here, and there’s a lot to look forward to this summer in Winnipeg – namely the Canada Summer Games and Canada’s 150th birthday!

This month I’ll be talking about Winnipeg’s first Indigenous Accord, which I’m so excited about. Continue reading Winnipeg’s First Indigenous Accord

State of the City

Hi Everyone.

At the end of February I delivered my third State of the City address. It was a little over two years ago that I took the Oath of Office as Winnipeg’s 43rd mayor, and I firmly believe City Hall is on a better track today than it was two years ago. Continue reading State of the City

Happy 2017 Winnipeg!

State of the City Brian Bowman
State of the City
Brian Bowman

2017 is another year full of promise and opportunity, and we’ve got lots of excitement on the horizon.

In last month’s issue, I talked about everything we achieved together in 2016. Now I’d like to talk about everything we’re going to achieve and continue working toward in 2017. Continue reading Happy 2017 Winnipeg!