Bridging the gap between First Nations and their members

OneFeather founder hopes to give First Nation and their Members the power of more efficient and effective governance through electronic voting.

Lawrence Lewis is changing election and voting practices for First Nations in Canada.

Lewis is the founder of OneFeather, a technology company that delivers leading technologies for First Nations elections & referendums, and member engagement delivered through a Member Registrar focussed digital platform built specifically for the unique needs of First Nations in Canada. Continue reading Bridging the gap between First Nations and their members

Summer Pet Safety

Summer here is a brief but wonderful season! Manitobans are known to take advantage of our province’s short but sweet period of heat, sunshine, and so much green! That feeling of elation that comes with heading outside to walk the dog while wearing shorts and sandals is familiar to all of us! Except your pooch, he can’t change his furry coat to something more summer friendly. So let’s discuss how to keep your pets safe and cool this summer in Manitoba!

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