This Month in Canadian History

A look at 10 historical events that took place during the month of April 

 April 23, 1851

Canada’s first official postage stamp, the three-penny beaver, is issued.

 April 2, 1871 

The first census of the Dominion of Canada lists the population as 3,689,257.

 April 9, 1917

The Canadian Corps attacks German positions on Vimy Ridge in France, a key piece of land held by the Germans since 1914. Six days later, fighting ends with the Canadians victorious despite the loss of 3,600 troops

 April 1, 1939

Trans-Canada Airlines (later Air Canada) makes the first scheduled passenger flight from Vancouver to Montreal.

 April 28, 1967

Expo 67, a world’s fair built on the theme Man and His World, opens in Montreal.

 April 7, 1975

Toronto’s CN Tower becomes the world’s tallest free-standing structure.

 April 12, 1980

Terry Fox begins his cross-country run, the “Marathon of Hope”. On September 1, he is forced to stop the run when his cancer returns.

 April 17, 1982

With the stroke of a pen by the Queen in Ottawa, Canada has its own Constitution.

April 30, 1987

Ten provincial premiers and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney agree to the Meech Lake Accord, which would make large changes to Canada’s Constitution and address Quebec’s concerns. Parliament and the legislatures of all provinces have three years to accept the Accord. It dies in June 1991, when both Newfoundland and Manitoba refuse to endorse it.

April, 1990

The federal government settles a land claim with the Inuit that will give them 350 000 square km of territory in the North, to be called Nunavut.

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