A Hometown Inspiration for Women in Skilled Trades

According to the 10th annual global study conducted in 2015 by the Manpower Group, skilled trade positions are the jobs employers have the greatest difficulty filling ahead of such professions as doctors, nurses and teachers. Here in Canada a study conducted in March 2016 by the Business Council of Canada via a poll of 90 leading Canadian employers showed that after leadership/management, skilled trades workers were the second highest “persistent shortage” (43% trending to 48%) followed by IT, then engineering and construction. Many young women have yet to explore these rewarding careers as there continues to be a small percentage of women who work in the trades. According to a recent report, the proportion of women who make up the skilled trade workforce in Canada remains at approximately 4 to 5 percent (source: WomenBuildingFutures.com).  Continue reading A Hometown Inspiration for Women in Skilled Trades

State of the City

Hi Everyone.

At the end of February I delivered my third State of the City address. It was a little over two years ago that I took the Oath of Office as Winnipeg’s 43rd mayor, and I firmly believe City Hall is on a better track today than it was two years ago. Continue reading State of the City

Your SmartBIZ Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

“Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” –Kevin Kruse– Your lucky number is 9.  There’s many ways to make an impact this month.  Looking down and texting while walking down Broadway during lunch hour is one way to make an impact, but another way (which is a lot less embarrassing) is to greet everyone with a smile and a hello.  Help someone change a tire.  Make this month about positivity towards everyone.  The positivity will lead to success this month.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” –Babe Ruth– Your lucky number is 22.  Sure, nobody likes to strike out.  The walk back to the dugout is not a good feeling.  But how you react to it the next time you get your opportunity is what really matters.  This month, you’ll be hitting grand slams like nobody’s watching.  Keep on swinging.  Continue reading Your SmartBIZ Monthly Horoscopes

The Extreme Costs of Extreme Weather

Have you noticed the weather getting weirder in recent years? Well, you are not alone.

From more heatwaves, cold, droughts; floods, and more oddities, including thunderstorms in Ontario in late February, the dice has become loaded with climate change helping to fuel more of these extreme weather events.

These events have an impact financially on government coffers globally.

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Neechi Commons creating opportunities in the North End

Winnipeg store bringing hope and opportunity to North End.

It may be located in one of Winnipeg’s poorest areas, but one neighborhood business is bucking the trend by surviving the difficult times when others weren’t able to do so.

Neechi Commons (Neechi meaning friend/sister/brother in Cree and Ojibwa) is a full-range neighbourhood supermarket which also has a produce courtyard, restaurant, bakery, catering services, specialty foods, Aboriginal books, arts, crafts, music and clothing, as well as a seasonal farmers market.

Yes, it has a bit of everything.

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