The art of bartending

“A great bartender is one that can perform their craft with speed, efficiency and a smile on their face!”

If you have designs on becoming a great bartender, then you’ve probably already heard about Fine Art Bartending School. They offer the only national industry-recognized certification in Canada. Founded in 1973, they have nine schools across Canada, including Winnipeg and have trained over 60,000 bartenders over the last 40 years.

Why do you need to go to school to be a bartender?
If you want to be good at anything in life, a little education helps. At Fine Art Bartending Schools you will learn from former graduates — bartenders, bar managers and owners who can share their experience and expertise. Classes are 10 per cent theory and 90 per cent practical experience.

The best way to be a great bartender is to learn through experience, and Fine Art Bartending Schools offer realistic training. Schools are built like real bars so students can work on recipes, speed, pouring, customer service, and multiple drink orders in a life-like setting. In addition to all of the classic cocktails, students will learn the newest bartending trends and techniques.

Fine Art Bartending Schools have also partnered with Diageo Canada to provide a more comprehensive training system and understanding of fine spirits. Diageo represents some of the world’s largest brands such as Smirnoff, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan and Johnnie Walker. Bartenders are at the frontline when it comes to sales, and with this additional training, they can impact the sales of their future employer.

All this and your Pro Bartending Certification in just one week!

Students continue to build on their skills until they are confident in their abilities. Should a student not feel comfortable after their one week course they are invited to attend the following week for no extra charge, in fact, they can keep attending until they do feel confident in their skills.

Applicants must be 17 years of age or older and don’t need any prior educational experience.

Finding a job
While some students take the course simply for their own knowledge, most are looking to work in the industry as a professional bartender. What sets Fine Art Bartending School apart from the others is that they also help students prepare their resumes, offer helpful insider tips on applying for jobs and provide the skills they need to get hired. Students can access a major hospitality job site, thanks to a partnership with the school which provides students with up-to-date job postings across Canada. The hospitality industry has a very high rate of turn-over and while bars may not be advertising for staff, they are always on the lookout for good staff to join their team. Students rarely have any difficulty finding the job they are looking for.

Bartending is a fun and exciting job, but it takes skill and confidence to make it as a great bartender. If this is your chosen career path, why wouldn’t you take the time to ensure you will be the best you can be?

One thought on “The art of bartending”

  1. I think it is wise to learn some theory while mostly focusing on practice when it comes to bartending. A lot of the work that bartenders do can only be learned face to face with customers. I wasn’t aware of the training avenues that were available out there for bartenders. I appreciate you listing some of those!

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