Manitoba BOLD: What should Manitoba look like in 10 to 20 years?

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce recently completed a campaign called Manitoba BOLD, which asked Manitobans where they want to see the province in 10 and 20 years respectively, outlining our community’s aspirations for our province.

The campaign started 40 days prior to the recent provincial election, and featured 40 interviews with Manitobans outlining their visions for the province.

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dave Angus, who will be exiting the position as of July 1, was the final Manitoban to be featured, and outlined his vision for Manitoba.

“We are the organization that started all of this,” said Dave. “The platform is called Manitoba BOLD. We reached out to people from all across our community, our 2,000 corporate member s and 90,000 people that they represent, and asked them a simple question: what’s your BOLD idea for Manitoba? And we are so delighted with their answers.”

What does Manitoba success look like to you?
“Success, to me, for Manitoba is knowing where we can lead,” said Dave. “We have some great things happening in Manitoba. We owe it to the world to lead in some of these area, to solve some of the most pressing issues facing our planet. These can come right out of Manitoba, and we heard many of these ideas from our BOLD platform. Examples included the province being a centre of excellence for sustainable energy and clean technology, for machine learning, for social enterprise, for creative industries and for being a leader when it comes to Aboriginal and Indigenous reconciliation. “
“All of these things that came out of our BOLD exercise are areas in which we can lead. So my vision for Manitoba is to be a province that understands its role, understands its strengths and understands that it has a responsibility to lead in a number of these areas.”
What strengths does Manitoba have going for it?
“What I learned most through this whole BOLD exercise is that we have a next generation that’s ready to lead,” said Dave. “We have a next generation that’s excited, that wants to push the envelope, that wants to create something special here in Manitoba. What was important about our BOLD platform is that if gave them a place where they could express that.”
“I think what’s most important now is that we get them excited. It’s important for use to inspire the next generation so that they can lead. To me that’s our greatest strength: not what we have right now, but what the potential is coming up behind us.”
“In terms of quality of life, in terms of economic opportunity, in terms of all the things we can create here in Manitoba through the eyes of the next generation.”
What is the next step?
“The next step to reach our potential is to continue this process,” said Dave. “We can’t stop pushing the envelope here in Manitoba, we can’t stop looking for those bold ideas and giving people a platform where they can express them.”
“I can’t tell you how invigorating it is when you sit down with somebody that has had this idea for a long time, but no place to take it and is excited about it. To see the passion come out, and the excitement, to see their wanting to take some risks and roll the dice and really push forward because they know they can create something special, and they can do it here in Manitoba based on the love that they have for this place.”
“This process and BOLD platform has been great for the Chamber because we’ve been looking eyeball to eyeball with those people that actually make a difference. That’s what’s been so great. We have to continue this process and we have to continue to challenge each other to be the best that we can be here in Manitoba. There is huge potential for this place, and I know that, through the collective efforts of the people that have that passion, we can get there.”
“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s crazy. Don’t let anybody tell you that Manitoba can’t be the place where this can happen, that we can’t lead or that we have to be mediocre here in Manitoba. No, we can be the best and we can inspire others, around this country and around the world, out of this place because of the strength of our people. Don’t stop, and don’t let people tell you that having a bold idea is not worthwhile, because it is. So ‘what’s your bold idea for Manitoba?” is a question we need to continue to ask ourselves.”
To learn more about the initiative, check out the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s website at or visit their YouTube page

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