Spring is here and it’s time to clean out your closet!

by Ally Champagne

The geese are back and this only means one thing…Spring is here and its time to prepare for a new season. And to prepare entails cleaning out your clothes closet. Yes its that time again and I know its not easy to believe but some women look forward to this like some people look forward to long weekends or holidays.

There are three types of closet cleaners – the ones who assign a date, and time to accomplish it all in one day and then there are others who need to do in a series of attempts, attacking smaller tasks each time. And finally there is the one who keeps putting it off until one day, there is nothing left to do but get it done.

The main thing to do is to avoid doing this chore in an unorganized manner because there are downfalls to this method. You might find you have emptied your closet without any thought to how you will handle the contents, only to find 6 hours has slipped by and you are no where near finished. This leaves you only one possible sane option – which is to put everything back in, only to be re-tackled again at another time.

Wardrobe experts all agree that there are only two ways to do this – by either doing it all at once and getting it over with or tackling appointed areas at appointed times. In the latter you might decide one weekend to do the footwear – deciding what to keep, what to give away and create a group for the ones that fall in between those two.

You might find that another weekend you can do your shirts, pants, tees and jeans followed the next weekend by sorting out your dresses, skirts, blazers, and sweaters. Remembering to remove what doesn’t fit, what no longer suits your fashion palate, and giving away what you no longer want to keep.

This is also a time to create outfits which will help you transition from winter to spring to summer. I love this time of the year because you can out together such great ensembles, which will not only honour your farewell to winter, but welcome your much anticipated spring. This is also an ideal time to also browse the fashion magazines to see what is new and exciting for this spring, all the while taking into consideration how a few chosen pieces can complement your current wardrobe.

This spring, items which are flowing well from the winter season, are scarves, maxi length skirts and dresses, hats and belts. The jewelry accessories consist of layered looks of long necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The purses range from oversized totes to very tiny purses, with the clutches returning with a vengeance.

Colours vary from bold and beautiful to soft, feminine, pastels ranging in every possible shade. I also love the endless types of textiles, making your choice in outfits absolutely exquisite. Imagine a bohemian midi dress paired with a black leather biker jacket, layered necklaces and the perfect hat.

The trench coats are back in all lengths, materials and styles. This is one article which will remain a favourite forever. The history on this unique piece is unclear, but according to research, Burberry and Aquascutum both claim to having created this master piece in the 1850’s. It was then refashioned for the soldiers in WW1. It later hit the market for men, women and children. This coat has fashion longevity and this is what makes an item a classic.

So happy closet cleaning and remember the sacred closet rule – to be able to add something new to the space, you must take away something you no longer need or use. This little golden nugget will ensure you will always have room for your coveted items. Happy spring cleaning…

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