Tips for the working girl’s spring wardrobe

Spring will be here before you know it. According to some not so reliable sources, the puppet ground hog did not see his shadow, which means less than 6 weeks of winter. Now unreliable or not, those are the kind of news I can make myself believe.

So how is your closet looking now that more than half our winter season is done with. (well here’s hoping anyways) Is it nearing time to purge for spring? You could start, but I am thinking it is time to liven up the closet by adding a few choice pieces which will take you through the season transition with ease.

We begin by taking inventory of what we have, what is working and what we love. Next we find items which we could easily transition from winter wear to spring wear. Following will be a few items which can compliment your favorites, and create new outfits. I for one love having something new to wear.

First, a great pair of flattering black jeans, which can range from the skinny, boot cut or straight leg. The versatility of these are endless, as they take you from a casual work Friday to a girls night out on the town. Some fashion experts recommend you buy two pairs, one which can be hemmed to accommodate your favorite day flats, and another pair to wear with your high-heeled booties. Either style will look fabulous.

Next, keep an out for a great jacket, which can be fitted, loose, short, long or in between. You can pick a color that compliments your black jeans, such as a tan or grey color, rather than pick the obvious color black. Feeling a little adventurous, you might be tempted to try fuchsia pink. Textures can be fun with this item – such as suede, leather, silk or wool.

The idea is to pick something to go with several other items in your closet. Before you go shopping, look at how many tops might be contenders as a great match and yes this not only includes pants but skirts, dresses, culottes and jumpsuits. Culottes, jumpsuits and flare skirts look terrific with a fitted jacket, whilst pencil skirts and slim jeans are complimented by looser fitting jackets.

How many women do you know who have the absolute perfect dress in their wardrobe? There are times, I will attend an event, or just be out at a restaurant, where I see a woman wearing a dress that looks like it was designed specifically for her. The dress addresses all her best features and has the wow factor that turns heads.

There are so many options to choose from and depending on your body shape, I believe anyone can find their own wow factor out there. Personally I like soft, easy flowing dresses, which move with you, hugging your curves when you walk, like a beautiful wrap dress. Add a great jacket, a nice pair of heels or boots, accessories including a clutch purse and you are ready for the runway.

Canadian winters easing into spring require great cardigans and if you pick a few terrific ones, you can wear them most of the year. In the fifties, the sweater sets (made up of a sweater and a matching top of the same color) were all the rage and everyone wore them with their skirts , whether it was a pencil skirt, a flared one, or an a-line one. You can find cardigans in all types of styles and its important to pick one which accentuates your great features, and although bulky knits look cozy, be cautious they are nt adding unwanted girth to your frame.

To finish your outfits, pick accessories to give your own fashion mark. To create a unique look, you will need to add jewellry, a purse, shoes, accessories even a great pair of sunglasses. These items will sashay you into spring in fashion. Don’t be afraid to go through your closet and to begin pairing items you feel have potential. And here’s to putting some spring in your closet…

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