Coffee and cakes and Corydon, oh my!

“Once you lick the icing off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin. Muffins are healthy. You’re welcome.”

It’s this line, and other little pearls of wisdom written on the wall at Caked With Love Co. that give you solace while you scarf down one of their cakes or cupcakes, knowing that you made a delicious choice.

Caked With Love, which can be found at 1459 Corydon Avenue, offers up a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes, coffees, cold drinks, cookies, croissants…I could continue.

Marvic Abarra and Eileen Manalo, Caked With Love’s owners, weren’t really looking to start their own business when the opportunity presented itself to them.

“It literally fell in our laps,” said Marvic. “I had previously worked at IQ’s at the University of Manitoba, while also holding a full-time job at the university. I met with Eileen, whom I knew through church, in March of 2015, and I was going through the prospect of an upcoming layoff. Eileen asked me what my dream job would be. I loved making coffee, and Eileen loves baking so we decided to partner up. The original plan was to do this in a few years, to allow us time to plan a business.”

“I was actually an engineer for about four years,” said Eileen. “In the meantime had been doing cakes on the side. It just kind of grew from there. I can’t even tell you how many people told me to open up my own bakery.”

Marvic and Eileen developed a logo, but didn’t take any real steps towards buying a business or space as they continued working.
One day, Marvic was convinced by some friends to look into buying an espresso machine to help hone his craft, but when he searched for one on Kijiji he found something better.

A Gift from God
Instead of finding a coffee machine, Marvic found a coffee shop. The space of what used to be Cafferia 360 was up for sale. Marvic and Eileen decided to check the space out to give them an idea of what they wanted to do in the future. They were sceptical at first, but the excitement slowly grew.

“I knew that baking was a talent and desire that God had placed within me,” said Eileen. “It would almost be disrespectful to not even try. We felt that He wanted more than a café and a bakery; He wanted a space people could come to a welcoming environment. Somewhere warm, not only in the cold, but a warm environment with a space that’s not only ours, but allows for other people to use for other purposes.”

After praying on the issue and consulting with their pastors, they decided to go for it in May of 2015. Marvic and Eileen would work their full-time jobs during the day, and plan during the evenings. They got possession of the space June 1st and opened June 5th.
“It’s going spectacular,” said Marvic. “The feedback has been amazing. It’s just the beginning, and we’re learning as we go. But we’ve been able to do so much with this and just bless a lot of people”

Taking into consideration the desires of their customers, Caked With Love is expanding their menu to incorporate a light lunch with soups and biscuits, just part of the open atmosphere Marvic is happy to see at Caked With Love.

“We just make sure to talk to our customers to find out what they want so we can meet their needs.”

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