Autumnal Equinox Fashion Wear for 2015

Fall is upon us, but don’t pout because this means we begin a brand new fashion year. It is an exciting line focusing on the 60’s retro look. Yes styles once coveted by fashion muses such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, which inspired the tent dresses, minis, elephant pants, and eclectic, colorful patterns.

In Vogue - Ally Champagne
In Vogue – Ally Champagne

This is the season to stock up on cozy boyfriend sweaters and beautiful fisherman knit cardigans. Long sweater coats are a must and you can find them in every style and shape. They now have a long coat sweater complete with the car wash hem. Yes you got it…the sweater is knee length with another foot of fringe which resembles the car wash fringed shammies. This to me is taking fringe to a whole new level. And you will want to stock up on the loose turtle necks as they are very popular this fall.

Scarves are also a big item this fall. Some of them are quite large, bordering on the shawl look, but made with light materials so that you can easily wrap it without it seeming bulky. I found some really great ideas on Pinterest on so many different ways to wrap your scarf and the end results are amazing.
One must have wardrobe staple is the oxford shirt and yes I am referring to your collared and button front shirt, with long sleeves. This is the basis of many work outfits and is an item that can easily go from your work day to an evening function, just by changing up the accessories. Although I favor the long sleeve look, you can also get this number in three-quarter-length. It depends on your personal preference and what you are pairing it up with.
You will also be seeing a lot of faux fur fashion, from vests, jackets, coats and even scarves. The hues are muted rather animal prints, giving them a very inviting look. These items can be worn with a sleek sweater dress or your favorite jeans. You can also accessorize with mukluks, Uggs or short boots.

Is it time to replace your fall jacket? There are so many terrific selections this year which include the buttoned up cape in a multitude of variations. It is definitely a salute to the retro British invasion that revived the pea jacket which became a classic. Its popularity is a mimicked staple for all seasons.
Every year, colors and hues change. I love the pinks and the greys, in both light shades as well as bolder hues. There is something to be said about a woman wearing a soft pastel pink cashmere sweater, with a maxi length grey skirt. It encompasses her softness, and gives her a look of elegance.
Popular in the footwear arena are the boots, from tall, mid-length, calf-length and the ankle bootie. The ankle bootie seems to be taking over the popularity contest as it comes in so many shapes, colours and heel heights. The stacked heels give one balance because of their sturdiness and look wonderful with a chunky knit dress or the gauchos you are transitioning this season.
All you need now is some purses and just like the footwear, these come in small, medium, large and extra-large. Colours vary from ivory, tan, grey, burgundy, plum as well as the regulars fall hues. There is something for every occasion and every taste. And can we have to many purses??? NO…It is one of the few accessories that is not influenced by your weight gain or loss. How perfect is that…
Happy fall shopping and remember that trends, unless they are recognised as classic pieces remain trends. Yes some items are best left on the shelf, while you save your money for a great staple which will take you through several seasons. Enjoy discovering your autumnal equinox goddess…

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