Back to school? How about back to basics!

As the “back to school” hype continues to circulate, those of us who have graduated from high school/ university many moons ago are simply reminded that we are perhaps getting old (but obviously aging delightfully – like wine).
So, here’s an idea ladies (and gents!)…
Rather than drowning our sorrows in that same wine – while desperately trying to zip up our high-school grad dresses (okay, maybe that’s just me after one glass too many) – let’s all take this time to review some back-to-school business basics. These are oldies but goodies, and we all tend to forget them from time to time.
Business basics we too often forget
Always do what you say you’re going to do
Simple, right? This is seemingly a no-brainer, yet everyone has a handful of examples of a situation where they have been let down, personally and professionally, by people who have broken often simple promises. If you told someone you would have something to them by the end of the day, and you don’t have it at 4:45, they will totally understand if you get it to them tomorrow, right? WRONG. If you have promised something, it is your duty to deliver. If there is some reason that you absolutely cannot deliver your promise on time, then you must tell the person prior to the deadline with an honest and hopefully very good reason. Of course, everyone is human, but if you start to not live up to simple promises, or miss even casual deadlines, your clients, co-workers and even friends will lose faith in you, and trust will be broken… scoring you a big fat ‘F’ in reliability.
Be honest
We are, by nature, people pleasers. Everyone loves to be able to deliver the answers that clients want to hear. But what happens when you don’t actually have the answer, or you are unsure? While it might be easy to promise that the project will absolutely, 100% be completed by Friday (because your team won’t mind not sleeping on Thursday, right?), it makes you look much better and more professional in the long run if you come clean and let them know that you will have to double check, and get back to them by the end of the day (at which point, please refer to the first item above). Not positive on some of the more technical details in your proposal? Let your client know that there are people much smarter than you in your organization who specialize in these details, and it will require a simple check-in with them in order to provide the best answer possible. It will work out much better for your client (and you) to provide them with the most accurate information possible, rather than look incompetent or dishonest later for promising something impossible.
Care for yourself!
You wouldn’t drive your car to work with no gas in the tank, right? We will have many cars throughout our lifetime, but we only have one body. When we get busy and stressed out, one of the first things we cut is time for ourselves. Eating properly, drinking water, getting enough sleep and exercising are things that wellness experts have all emphasized. So why are these the first things to get ditched the very second that we have too much on our plates? If we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody else will.
Fuel that tank, honey!
So take off your grad dress, swap it for some cozy fall jammies, and maybe do the unthinkable and fill your wine glass up with some good ol’ H20. It’s a long road, and everyone has experienced some times where there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to make it through – as the intelligent, healthy and energetic gal that you are.

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