How to Get Organized for Fall

September is synonymous with back-to-school for many of us and while we many not be shopping for new pencils and backpacks for ourselves, we can capitalize on the renewed energy fall brings and improve our productivity both at work and at home. Work projects tend to ramp up in the fall and as our schedules get busier an organization strategy is key to making the most of this season.

Schedule and Prioritize

Take some time each evening to plan out what you have to do the following day – and write it down. Putting thought into this before you hit the ground running in the morning will help the day run more smoothly and you won’t be wasting time thinking about what you have to do next. In addition to your daily list, make a weekly task list that includes everything on your plate. This way you will be able to see everything at once and allot your time according to your priorities for the week.

Learn Something New

This is the perfect time to learn a new skill. If you’ve always wanted to improve your networking skills, get better at public speaking or learn new office software, do it in the fall. The season’s energy will give you the motivation you need and mastering a new skill will help you approach your work with renewed vigor. Even learning something new that doesn’t directly apply to your job – like ballroom dancing – can help boost your confidence and improve your work.

Close the Digital Door

Having an open-door policy at work can distract you from getting your job done if coworkers are continually dropping in to your office. The same holds true for digital distractions. If you are always checking your texts and emails you’re diverting your focus away from your work. Schedule times to check in and stick to them. You will find you’re more productive if you’re not glancing at your phone every two minutes.

Declutter Your Home

As you prepare for fall’s frenzied schedules, remove as much clutter from your home as possible. Get rid of anything that is broken or no longer useful. Streamline your closet and your entryway to make it easy to grab what you need quickly. Put what you need to bring with your for the day near the entry and organize your Tupperware so you’re not digging through an overflowing drawer looking for a matching lid for your lunch when you should be heading out the door.

Group Similar Tasks Together

Schedule similar tasks back-to-back so you can accomplish them while you’re in the right frame of mind. If you have a stack of bills to pay, tackle them all in one sitting. If you have an appointment with the IT department, handle all of your technical problems at once instead of just the most urgent one. This will save you considerable time and energy in the long run.

by Ada Slivinski

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