Hemp: breaking the stigma

Hemp, the meaning of the word and what it actually represents – more often than not – does not mesh with public perception. What hemp actually represents is health and sustainability, but public perception often defaults to Cheech and Chong.

That being said, perception is changing, and rightfully so. Hemp isn’t marijuana. Hemp may be a relative, but hemp food products have next to none of the mind-altering agent tetrahydrocannabinol. For a point of reference, Canadian industrial hemp contains less than 10 parts per million (or 0.001%) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) while marijuana can contain more than 300,000 parts per million (30%).
It is not possible for a human to ingest enough hemp to get a “buzz.”

It is not possible for a human to ingest enough hemp to get a “buzz.”

Beyond the perceptions, hemp is among the most versatile and sustainable products on the planet with a wide range of uses that include everything from paper, to textiles, fuels, to plastics, to construction materials and food. All of these products are of the highest quality.

The textiles are far stronger than cotton and require far less water to grow. The plastics are also strong and durable and the construction materials (hempcrete) are strong insulators that naturally deter pests.

And then there are the food products… Hemp is a superfood!

Hemp is a highly competitive crop that grows naturally without a need for herbicides or pesticides. It is naturally a Non-GMO (not genetically modified) product. Hemp also packs a major nutritional punch.

A 30 gram serving of hulled hemp seed contains an impressive 10 grams of protein and 12 grams of Omegas 3 and 6. The product is extremely versatile and it can be used in or on anything. My four-year-old daughter loves the nutty taste and eats it by the spoonful. I also add it to her smoothies and I’ll even sprinkle some or in between layers of peanut butter and jelly. The omegas and protein and incredible fuel for her growing brain and body

A 30 gram serving of toasted hemp seeds contains eight gram of protein, eight grams of Omegas and a whopping nine grams of fiber. It also packs a healthy crunch. My daughter loves it as a stand-alone snack (so do I), but she also likes to use it as a topper for yogurt or ice-cream.

And then there are the derivative products, a hemp seed oil, that carries a light, nutty flavour and is loaded with omegas. There is also a range of protein powders that are loaded with fiber in addition to the highly digestible, plant-based protein. All of these products are created through mechanical treatments. They are raw, products with no chemicals added. Pure, simple nutrition.
I didn’t know any of this before I started with Just Hemp Foods, but now that I do, I eat hemp daily, I buy hemp clothes and lotions and I legitimately encourage everyone I know to get on the hemp bandwagon. My daughter will grow up eating hemp daily and I have completely changed my priorities when it comes to food.

Food can be delicious and nutritious. Food can be sustainable and hemp isn’t taboo in the slightest.

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