Building the next generation

If you tag along with the Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba (YCLM) on one of their Project Site Tours, you will quickly find out that these young builders see things in different light when touring a building. And sometimes, they see lights differently. On their most recent tour of the newly constructed CN Campus, the use of LED lighting was a point of interest. While other tour groups might be more interested in what happens in a room, the point of these tours is to get a first-hand look at the latest in construction.
Part of the reason that these tours happen is to allow the members of the group to see how some of their fellow members could or would have contributed to the project. Roofers can see electrical work, mechanical can see doors and windows…the list goes on.
Some of the sites that YCLM has visited include the Winnipeg Police Service Headquarters, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Price Research Center North. The group also gets together for seminars where new technology and techniques are taught for professional development, as well as cocktail events where they can get to know each other and truly establish the social bond that YCLM strives for.

Changing of the guard

It shouldn’t come as a real surprise to anybody, but the truth is that the construction and labour industry has a large number of employees who are approaching retirement, and will soon need to pass the torch onto the next generation. Sometimes it’s as easy as a parent passing a company down to one of their children.
But what if they have no children, or their children find other careers? That’s why there has to be people like the members of YCLM to fill those voids.
YCLM, and its 200-plus members use networking to interact and grow as professionals.
Aynsley Dueck is the marketing manager for DUXTON Windows & Doors, and is one of YCLM’s directors-at-large, and says it’s important for the future of the industry to have groups like this.
“YCLM is an excellent place for both post-secondary students and working professionals to build valuable work relationships and stay up-to-date about the newest changes in the industry,” said Aynsley. “If you are passionate about the construction industry, this is the best place to meet young, like-minded individuals, and further develop your career within Manitoba.”
YCLM targets the under-40 crowd, and with an impending labour shortage as the baby-boomers retire, something needs to be done to make the experience for young labourers as good as possible.
“YCLM encourages young workers to stay in Manitoba by showing them what is new and exciting in our city and in our province, said Aynsley. “Companies and individuals are investing in our city because they see the long-term potential.”

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