ASAP Training offers flexible courses for upgrading those marketable skills

If you’re looking to upgrade your job skills, you can now enjoy training at the desirable East Exchange location of ASAP Training.CA (ASAP).
ASAP offers courses in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe, the automotive industry software Mitchell 1, as well as in professional development and customer service – and has testing capabilities for hundreds of different programs out of its new location in the Grain Exchange Building on Lombard Avenue.
                                                  Customized courses
Plus, ASAP has a rule: if you don’t see it, ask.
“If we can do it, we’ll do it,” says Lorie Gregorchuk, CFO of ASAP. “We customize a lot of our training to suit different individuals and different organizations.”
As a locally-owned, independent training centre, ASAP is flexible, and can work with companies to create training for their specific requirements including the desired course duration, content, and scheduling convenience. Much of their training is done in their Exchange District location, but instructors can also provide one-on-one or group training at the workplace.
“We’ve had instructors go to their office for half a day and teach someone how to use spreadsheets,” says Lorie. “We can get pretty creative.”
Recently, ASAP has answered the need to offer a course in Google Apps, and are even debating creating courses for Skype and other programs for recreational use, drawing on their success with introducing technology. “We’ve had 65-year-olds who’ve never touched a computer, but they know, ‘If I want to work, I’ve got to learn something on the computer,” says Lorie.
When ASAP’s first iteration opened, the courses were strictly for the automotive industry – an area in which Lorie specializes.
Working for many years as a service manager, she saw a need to develop employees’ customer service and technical training further.
Out of the success of those programs, Lorie gained feedback from students who said they knew they’d have to follow up with computer training elsewhere – so why didn’t she just offer that too?
                                                   Computer literacy
Since adding computer courses to its repertoire, ASAP has seen exponential growth. “Our Microsoft Office courses are very popular,” says Lorie. “The need for that is always going to be there.”
Very rarely are there jobs that don’t require a rudimentary command of Microsoft Office programs, and to be able to get up to speed in these programs in a short time is ideal for job seekers.
Many of ASAP’s trainees are sent from their places of work, but ASAP also caters to individuals coming in to upgrade their skills to find employment. Adding those one or two lines on your resume could make the difference between you and another applicant.
                                          The employer’s perspective
Organizations like to send employees to ASAP for skills upgrades due to its dependability. Having the courses taught in-person ensures the trainees attend the whole session and receive the information, plus courses are guaranteed to run regardless of registration size.
Currently, there is a 50 per cent reimbursement from the government for skills upgrades that employers are taking advantage of. ASAP also allows trainees to retake courses free of charge if they feel they missed something, ensuring their preparedness.
In addition to its core course offerings, ASAP is a Prometric and Certiport Testing Centre, as well as an Insurance Council of Manitoba-certified training centre. For more information on ASAP Training.CA and its courses, visit

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