Adrenaline Adventures leaves excitement in its wake

It’s a concept you can’t find anywhere else in the world. “There’s nothing like this is North America,” says Jason Rohs, of Adrenaline Adventures’ acres of outdoor entertainment. “Just to come and experience everything we have in one day at one location… I don’t think you can do that anywhere in the world, quite frankly.”
What used to be 50 acres of farmland in Headingley is now awash with activities throughout the hot and cold months – its wide-ranging activities bundled into one neat little package.
In the summertime, Adrenaline Adventures’ premiere cable wakeboarding park comes alive – along with a rope course, ziplines and paintball quarters – not to mention a hub of 20 beach volleyball courts in near-constant use, and touch football and ultimate Frisbee being played on three Canadian Football League regulation-sized fields.
“Just sitting here and people-watching is amazing,” says Jason. Hundreds of people congregate at the adventure park seven days a week all summer due to ongoing programming.
Along with the new sports (football and ultimate) came improvements to the site: a walk-up bar was added next to the volleyball courts, in addition to the wrap-around patio one floor up at the clubhouse, which serves up beverages and a stunning view of the whole park.
                                                  How it sprouted
Jason and his wife, Michelle, had originally planned for a water park akin to Fun Mountain on the acreage, which they felt was missing west of the city. Finding they only needed about 15 acres for a water park, they cast their net a little further.
In his research, Jason stumbled on the concept of cable wakeboarding, which had some modest success in North America and was thriving in Germany.
“I saw about five different places in the States and saw there were already 65 in Germany alone,” remembers Jason.
He loved how it opened up the lake sport to anyone who didn’t have a cottage outside the city or boat access. “It’s so simple; you can just show up,” says Rohs. “Not everyone has a boat… It’s allowed those people who’ve always wanted to wakeboard to go wakeboarding.”
The concept is catching on in Winnipeg: Adrenaline Adventures has seen its wakeboarding memberships shoot up about 40 per cent year after year.
Once the cable wakeboarding infrastructure came to be, another novel idea was born out of the necessity of digging lakes. They took the ground they removed and piled it back up on another portion of their site, forging a ski hill.
In the winter, skiers and snowboarders can hop on a towrope or pitch up the hill to ride down, and many youngsters spend the day snowtubing, making the most of inclement weather.
                                          The perfect staycation
While there’s always action stemming from the park, Adrenaline Adventures has also made a name for itself as a host for travelling concerts and festivals.
Its wakeboarding facility has welcomed the Wake Park World Series and the Canadian National Wake Park Championships, hosting some of the best riders in the world.
In July, the Fullflex Express Tour will come to the grounds – featuring Skrillex, Diplo, and six other artists – bringing a thumping expose of electronic dance music to the park.
Plus, Adrenaline Adventures’ next renovation will see it incorporate a Las Vegas-reminiscent pool area, creating the ultimate staycation spot.
It seems the more Adrenaline Adventures adds to its offerings, the more people the owners see coming through, fulfilling the rare business prophecy of “if we build it, they will come.”
“There’re so many different and diverse groups coming here now,” says Rohs. “We always say, ‘Come feel it.’ Once people get here, it’s pretty addictive.”
Adrenaline Adventures is located at 600 Caron Rd. in Headingley, Manitoba. Visit for hours of operation and pricing.

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