What First Impression are you making?

In Vogue - Ally Champagne
In Vogue – Ally Champagne

When it comes to looking great, fashion is only one-third of the equation. Don’t neglect your face and ‘do.
Yes, this means your skin, your makeup, as well as your hairstyle. These three factors are equally important, especially when your goal is to make a terrific first impression.
No one understands this better than Gwen Voroney, owner of First Impressions Salon, located in South St.Vital. With thirty-four years’ experience in the hair industry, Gwen has styled an enormous number of heads. Helping people look their best, no matter what the occasion, is what drew her to the field.
The industry has allowed her to use her creativity, as well as her understanding of people, to help them achieve constant change in an area where trends never stop evolving.
A family affair
The saying, “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree,” applies in this case. Gwen’s daughter Jennifer grew up with the same love as her mother – to make people look their best. When Gwen is away, Jennifer and the dedicated staff keep things running smoothly.
“We chose the name ‘First Impressions’ because I was very focused on what people initially thought the moment they came upon a hair salon,” she explains. “What the salon looked like on the outside and how that might reflect what types of services they might receive on the inside.
“This made me strive to build a business that not only reflected well outside, but more importantly included a top professional staff to provide our clients with the services we know they deserve.”
Substance on the inside and out – a good motto.
The salon is Aveda-based and offers haircuts, colours, and other beauty services to men, women and their families. They provide updos, highlights and lowlights, and they also have skin and body care services such as facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, and hair tutorials.
Their knowledge of hair texture, skin tones and face shapes guarantees a good experience, and it is not uncommon to have someone show up with a photo of their favourite superstar’s coif to have beautifully recreated.
On the other hand, they understand people have very different needs when they ask for a specific look. They realize some people like to spend a long time on their looks, while others prefer simplicity. They take the time to speak with their client to pinpoint exactly what they’re after, and then proceed to deliver.
Honesty’s the best policy
But what happens when someone comes in with a “I-must-have this-‘do” pic of the latest trend, and it is not in the client’s best interest? “I will consult with the client and give them all the information they will need to comprehend this may not be their best look,” says Gwen. “Then look at other possible options, which may or may not incorporate some of requested style. But most people know what will or will not work for them.”
Services also include hair extensions and wig care which may include a wash, style, trim, and even colour. “Some people may be afflicted with alopecia, and so a wig gives them the hair they desire,” she says. “I complement their style with an added touch of care, and redefine as well as enhance it to make them feel comfortable.”
Some time ago, Gwen decided to add an esthetician to their line of services. “It took me a while to find just the right person. But the search was well worth it – and we now are proud to have Mandi Combot working with us.”
If your fashion statement is lacking a little je-ne-sais-quoi, set up an appointment or consultation with a hair salon. Don’t waste any time letting people know how great you are from the outside.

Healthy hair tips

  • Hair that has been coloured should be maintained with salon-quality products to preserve its vibrancy and sheen – colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner can be used daily with great results.
  • By asking your hair stylists questions about how to replicate your new look, as well as what hair products will be best for your hair, you can achieve a “salon-worthy” look
    from home.
  • A deep conditioner is recommended
    once a month.
  • When wanting to change your hair colour drastically, discuss a long-term plan with your stylist in order to preserve the integrity of your hair.

Need style advice? Contact Ally at ally.champagne@pegasuspublications.net.

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