Carpentry students job-ready in five months at MITT

As the province’s only hybrid high school and post-secondary institution, the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) provides an unparalleled pathway into the construction trades. The five-month carpentry program, for example, creates job-ready grads with great career opportunities.
“Carpentry is an excellent option for prospective students,” says MITT President and CEO, Paul Holden. “With over 12 per cent predicted employment growth in this sector in the next five years, and salaries above the national average, the timing is right to start your training now.”
Whether you are considering your secondary or post-secondary options, a mid-life career change, or are just looking for a little expertise for your own home renovation or build, MITT’s carpentry program provides all of the skills students need to get work-ready.
A combination of practical learning applications and theory-based curriculum leads students to a Level 1 Apprenticeship Accreditation upon graduation, and creates a bridge to any construction career. The applied skills curricula within the carpentry program is what many MITT students appreciate the most as it provides a real-life work experience.
For the program’s practical component, students build a ready-to-move home at the MITT campus. Through this experience, students see how the process works from foundation to siding and everything in between.
Flexible entry date
For post-secondary students, two separate intakes per year allow for flexibility in scheduling. If September is not an opportune time to start your studies, MITT’s February intake may be a great alternative, with no wait lists for potential students.
MITT has experienced an exceptional transformation over the last year, and will continue to expand. As part of the Province of Manitoba’s response to the local skills shortage, a new mandate was granted to MITT that enhances opportunities not only for its post-secondary learners, but for high school students as well, by introducing a school-within-a-college scenario. Secondary program offerings also include carpentry.
“High school students across Manitoba have the opportunity to take secondary academic courses along with the carpentry program, starting September 2015,” says Holden. “They will graduate with a Senior Years Technology Education Diploma as well as an MITT Carpentry Certificate. This creates excellent opportunities for direct entry into employment or further education.”
A four-million-dollar contribution to the Institute was recently announced by the province, allowing MITT to upgrade its skilled trades facilities. Construction is expected to begin in fall 2015.
Excellent opportunities exist at MITT, whatever your education or employment goals might be. The carpentry program is one option that will get you certified in five months.
For more information on this or other MITT programs, visit the institute’s website at

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