White tees and stunnas – all you need to cover you this summer

Spring is definitely in the air, and although the weather is not ideal (or even close to it yet), fashion trends are dictating the end of Old Man Winter.
This year’s colour palette reminds me of a large garden of wildflowers, because it seems every colour in every hue is represented. Popular is bubble gum and cotton candy pink, pastel pink and blue – and not to be ignored are cerulean blue and bright jade green.
Decisions, decisions, decisions…
Special events
Let’s say you have a special event to attend after work one evening and you can’t decide whether you should wear pants or a skirt, or bring an evening-worthy outfit to work to change into. Choose none of the above and opt for culottes.
Culottes were extremely popular in the fall/winter season and have easily morphed into the spring/summer collections. You can get them in so many colours, textures and styles. They can be worn with sandals, flats, heels or boots – not very many fashion items are this versatile, so make these a staple in your spring closet.

Culottes made an appearance at the recent Habitat for Humanity Women Build fashion show featuring local boutiques. They have 'em!
Culottes made an appearance at the recent Habitat for Humanity Women Build fashion show featuring local boutiques. They have ’em!

White tees
The next must-have item is the white tee, which is rising back to its peak popularity in the fifties. It seemed back then every bad boy wore one (the baddest having the odd grease stain or discolouration). This piece is considered a building block in your wardrobe. You can take this basic top and pair it up with so many other accoutrements.
Drinks at Earls with friends on Monday? Wear it with jeans, turquoise-stoned sandals, and accessorize with your favorite necklaces and bangles.
Thursday night, you and your cronies are off to see the horse race (what? It could happen). Take your white tee and pair it with a beautiful Jackson Pollock splattered maxi skirt, a great belt, and your new favourite chunky orange heels. A few accessories and you are ready to rock the equestrian world.
Sunday best
Sunday brunch at The Gates on Roblin is no longer a long, arduous, what-will-I-wear dilemma. Yes, take the white tee again, but this time mix it up with a short navy/white-patterned pencil skirt (note: another must-have this spring). Add a pair of gladiator tan, fringed heels. People there may be more interested in your outfit than their food (and it’s hard to beat).
Take a cue from Gwen Stefani: getting dressed should be fun, creative, and express who you are. Portray a very personal style this spring; it’s all about the mixing not the matching.
Go where no woman has ever gone before and get those personal fashion vibes going. Just remember to maintain some balance by asking yourself: “What am I trying to express about myself without making people think I missed my Fashion 101 classes?” Keep in mind – it is self-expression not self-destruction.
Big this spring is the shirtdress. I have seen several versions in the paint splatters and they are adorable. This piece is like the white tee; it can take you to any event, and all you have to do is change the accessories and shoes. The variations you can get out of this dress are endless, and the fun is trying to figure out how many ways you can mix this one.
Turquoise jewelry is back in, and it makes the perfect accessory for just about any spring look. You can add the dangly necklaces with Aztec-inspired designs to almost any outfit – the culottes, your white top and shirtdress looks, and more.
Need fashion advice? Contact Ally at ally.champagne@pegasuspublications.net.

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