Herzing College stretches out in new Portage Avenue campus

“It’s fully soundproof,” says Demalee Quill, a radio and television broadcasting student, of Herzing College’s new recording studio. “When we got this and we tested it out, it was amazing. And we’re getting new cameras soon too, so that’s a bonus.”
The new Herzing College campus is custom-built for its needs, and includes some welcome structural improvements for students of the college.
While the broadcasting students benefit from some of the more prominent equipment upgrades, campus improvements are echoed throughout the rest of the new facility at Portage Avenue and Route 90. Lightweight classroom chairs are designed for maximum comfort and encourage healthy posture, and a lounge with a pool table and a relaxation room are now offered to students between classes.

The new, swanky classrooms at Herzing College.
The new swanky classrooms at Herzing College.

At the official launch for the new institution, Herzing College president Kerry Swanson was on-hand to address visitors, reminding them that the college continues to answer to the job market, with about 91 per cent of its graduates employed in a related field in 2013.
The local business community provides internship and employment opportunities to students of the college, as well as offers suggestions and feedback through their position on the college’s advisory boards.
Because of changing market demands, programming continues to evolve at the college. Herzing recently added a media coordinator program to its roster, and broadened its broadcasting training to include web design courses.
With the college’s flexible, short-term programs (the longest program being one year long), students with part-time employment or other commitments often flock to the college. They can justify the shorter commitment to continuing their education and expanding their employability.
Matt Harms, a radio personality hopeful, returned to school to find more satisfying employment, but continues to work in his former field to pay the bills. Classes in his program break at 1 p.m. most days.
“I can still work as an electrician on the side because the hours are different,” he explains. “A bunch of (fellow students) do have part-time jobs.”
Herzing College acquired the former Academy of Broadcasting program in the summer of 2013, and generally sees small class sizes of about a dozen for the program.
Currently, employees in fields as diverse as business, healthcare, law, technology and media are trained at the brand-new campus.
The college is celebrating its 50th year in operation this year, as a leader in market-driven career training. The relocation leaves room for further growth at the college – and even though the campus was just formally launched to the public, it has been business as usual for students since the move early in the new year. “It was a great Christmas present,” says Quill.
Visit http://www.herzing.ca/winnipeg for more on the new campus and its program offerings.

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