It’s a nice day for a white wedding, it’s a nice day to start again

By Ally Champagne (photo by Bess Georgette)

With spring in the air, it’s time to make room for new items in your wardrobe. Get rid of the winter clothes in your rotation, and start looking at what you have, what will work and what won’t, and the pieces that can assist with the transition.
I find this time of year exciting (obviously) not only because it means the end of winter, but the arrival of summer fashion. Our great seasons are so short we really have to make the most of them by planning our summer look now. It’s time to purge once again to make room for all those wonderful items that are really on-point this year.
White hot
White is making a comeback. For decades, white was a controversial colour with so many fashion limitations. Two that come to mind are “only the bride wears white” or “you can’t wear white after Labour Day.” But times have changed!
In the old days, it was worn as a colour of formality, and that was only because poor women had to scrub the items in question with lye soap, soak them in blue wash, and finally hang them in the sun to dry.
White at its best exemplifies cleanliness, and nothing can enhance the depth of a summer tan like it. Like all formidable colours, it comes in many shades. There’s a perfect shade of it to suit anyone and everyone (eggshell, ivory, bone white, etc.). In my opinion, the feeling of putting on a crisp white oxford shirt cannot be surpassed by any other clothing.
Collections from spring/summer are dominated by this hue. Chambray and white denim especially are hot.
White is the backdrop to many animal prints, the skirts on beautiful dresses – and apparently the preferred gown colour at the Academy Awards this year.
Pop into spring with culottes
Clothing you will love in white includes culottes. They’ve made a comeback with a refined edge – less Wild West and more Lauren Bacall. You can find them in so many lengths and pant widths to accommodate endless tops as well as manybody types.
I spy eyelet – everywhere
We can also find white eyelet everything, from pants, shorts, tops and purses. Eyelet wear is not for everyone, especially the pants. I believe one must have an adventurous side to bare so much through so many little holes. And I would limit extensive wear outside during the peak sun hours – you could give bad tanlines a whole new meaning.
Before you go check out all the new tightie whities, check to see what you have on hand that you can build on.
Fashion author Nicky Hilton strongly encourages you to choose six of your most go-to items, the ones that you could use for three different types of events. Keep these at the end of your closet (the most accessible section), and remember to pick them in order of their versatility and ability to accessorize with many options.
And remember, nothing warms the soul more than cleaning out that closet at the end of a stuffy winter to make room for all those fabulous new pieces your skin can breathe in.
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