The cost of creating a human

Young Money - Vanessa Kunderman
Young Money – Vanessa Kunderman

At some point in the life of a millennial woman, she may find herself making another human.
Let’s get one thing on the change table before we get all ooey-gooey about babies – kids are friggin’ expensive.
According to, you will spend approximately $10,158 in your child’s first year of life. The average crib costs $230 and an infant car seat – something you’re not allowed to leave the hospital without – averages at $100. The site says the average amount of money you’ll spend before baby even comes out is $2,058. That’s a trip to Mexico.
On the plus side, TD Canada Trust says a child will cost you only an extra $8,000. In reality, after you buy those pricey maternity photos you just have to have, the fancy rocking chair, and the childproofing supplies, you’ll probably be ringing up closer to $12,000.
Whatever you think a baby will cost, I think it’s safe to say you’ll be wrong. Millennials in particular seem to underestimate just how much a little human will cost them.
According to, you can count on spending at least $50 per week on diapers, baby formula and baby food alone. Say goodbye to your fancy cannelloni and get used to making some rather creative casseroles.
As if your expenses going up weren’t stressful enough, your income goes down too. If mom or dad takes a maternity or parental leave, you will feel it in your wallet. You’ll lose approximately half of what one parent makes.
Saving for baby also suggests saving approximately six months’ worth of your living expenses to ease the blow of these changes. I actually guffawed when I read that.
Are you kidding me? A millennial has a hard enough time learning not to buy an expensive new car, let alone disciplining himself to stash away half his paycheque each month.
And, if you’re like me, the first frantic thing on your mind is eliminating the credit card debt of both of baby’s parents and tickling your nesting bone by totally redoing the upstairs of your house.
And while you’re perusing the Top 100 Baby Hipster Names of 2015 while setting up your new baby crib, check out In Canada, declares that raising a child until university will cost a whopping $243,660. That’s $12,825 per child per year. Pray to the sperm gods that you don’t have twins.
One of the hardest transitions for the millennial will be digesting the fact that his or her baby doesn’t need to have the best of the best.
We already think this for ourselves and it’s only natural that the mindset trickles down to our offspring as well. This is a great time to check in with your parents to learn their secrets when you just can’t afford a Jolly Jumper or Diaper Genie.
If it’s any consolation, baby nail clippers are only three bucks.
Vanessa Kunderman writes every month on money issues facing millennials. Email her at

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