Spring cleaning: 5 things to remove from your life

Note to Self - Faye Armstrong
Note to Self – Faye Armstrong

There’s a sense of hope and renewal in the air when the season shifts to spring. Think of the words we associate with spring: fresh, blossoming, awakening, growth.
As you continue to move forward with plans, goals and projects, take some time to do some spring cleaning in your life. Clear out what no longer serves you so that you can make room for all of the positive things that are coming into your life. Here are a few things to throw out with last year’s boots.
There’s two parts to this. First is to ask yourself if the reason you’re making excuses or procrastinating is simply because the task at hand just isn’t as appealing as watching Netflix with your cat, or if it’s because the task is not truly necessary or tied to something you are passionate about.
If the task isn’t a required part of life, and it doesn’t align with a goal that is meaningful to you, you may want to reevaluate why you feel the need to do that task in the first place.
But be honest with yourself here. If you do truly see the value in completing whatever it is that you’re putting off, shake off those excuses and get on it. You’ll thank yourself when you’re done.
Physical clutter
When your home/vehicle/workspace/etc. is cluttered, it can be hard to focus. We all have a different threshold for how much of a mess we can tolerate (I personally can’t handle doing anything after dinner until the dishes are done), but if you’ve reached yours, tackling the physical clutter can go a long way in clearing the clutter in your mind. Clean all the things!
Guilt-driven commitments
Sometimes you’re going to agree to do something you don’t really feel like doing because it’s the nice thing to do (you’re such a sweetheart). That’s awesome! But if you are finding yourself saying yes to every opportunity, commitment, and invitation that comes your way, you may not be leaving a lot of room for the things that you do want in your life.
It can be tempting to take on as many opportunities as you get offered, or difficult to say no to an invitation from a friend, but when it comes to what you allow in your life, think quality over quantity.
This is probably an obvious one, but worth talking about nonetheless. I’m not talking about ignoring your sadness/anger/frustration/whatever has you feeling crappy and slapping on a smiley face.
I’m talking about examining those feelings, maybe even trying to make friends with them (or at least acknowledging their existence), getting to the bottom of where they’re coming from, and then, little by little, taking back the power that they have over you. Negativity may be a part of life, but only you decide what you do with it and how much it dictates your life.
You know that golden rule “do unto others as you wish to have done unto you?” Here’s another one: do unto yourself as you would do unto others. Would you talk to your friends the way you talk to yourself in front of the mirror? Would you hold a grudge against someone for a simple mistake the same way that you haven’t forgiven yourself for that slipup you had last year?
Be kind and compassionate to your beautiful self! You are growing – be gentle and let yourself bloom.
Faye Armstrong is a life coach based in Winnipeg who is passionate about living life to the fullest and helping others do the same. For a little motivation or to learn more about personal coaching, visit http://www.fayeaarmstrong.com.

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