Don we now our gay apparel, like that stunning LBD for NYE

By Ally Champagne (photo by Carla Ossa)

It’s a new year. Your slate is clean and all of your past fashion transgressions are forgiven. It’s time to look forward to must-haves in 2015.
So, let’s look toward that one piece that’s going to right all your wrongs: the little black dress (LBD).
Even as you find your festivities drawing to a close, you don’t have to give up your glam look until next Christmas. There is a staple that runs through all the seasons: the little black dress. It represents an ideal of the perfect sexy item – and women who know this usually have more than one in their possession.
According to fashion lore, Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress back in 1926. Up until then, the colour black was used only for mourning. From that point on, like with many other fashion revolutions she spurred on, the colour black quickly transitioned from dowdy and sad to sexy and hot.
The little black dress has so many great aspects. It is slimming and creates the illusion of height. Being a neutral hue, you can enhance your outfit with countless colours, not to mention endless accessories (both fine and costume jewelry).
This dress is one of the few closet treasures which flatters all body types (coming in all sizes from 2 to 22), the price ranges from $20 to thousands of dollars, and it is the most popular simple design on the market. The majority of women desire to own at least one because it can get them through so many occasions looking the part.
Dress it up or down
Part of its versatility is being able to dress it up or down. It is likened to a blank canvas, because you can take it to a five-star event or to a simple afternoon business luncheon. If you change only the accessories, you can wear it a couple times a week without anyone noticing (and you’ll feel like trying to get away with it!).
Opt for a fabric that works for you as well as a texture you can wear at any time of the day and any time of the year. Popular fabrics include ponte, gabardine and jersey. Classic, clean lines are the best, and it is advised to keep the length at or just above the knee to keep it professional.
The neckline can vary on this item but a scoopneck or a v-neck flatters the well-endowed. Self-conscious of your arms? Opt for short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. But should you feel your arms are worthy of attention, the sleeveless sheath would be great for you.
Fashionistas’ advice is to also bare your legs with this look, or wear a very sheer hose. Patterned hose is making a comeback and currently being added to this attire as well (sounds like a chance to break from the status quo).
The party look can include long, dangly earrings, a clutch purse in any colour, and a stylish pair of stilettos. You might also consider a terrific pair of boots, either short or knee high. I would recommend a shorter dress hem for the boots. The work luncheon look can be accessorized with a bright blazer, long necklace, matching earrings and another pop of colour in your flats.
It is worth considering putting aside money to buy a more expensive version of the little black dress rather than spending on a cheaper style. If you choose wisely, this is one purchase you will wear often and enjoy for many years to come.

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