I’m in love with a Canadian (and I want you to know it)

By Dorothy Dobbie (photo by Maurizio Pesce)

My Blackberry 10 Passport is my new best friend. Slim but substantial; it feels like coming home. It’s smooth and elegant to the touch, but it has that tactile little keyboard that makes typing a dream – no more cramped hands.
The numbers are on a touch screen just above the keyboard and make a reassuring little pop when I touch them.
Like any new friend, it takes time to get to know it but each day brings a new discovery. Yesterday, we added my drop box and now I can take my office with me wherever I go without my computer. I don’t think I want to type a story on it, but I could in a pinch.
I love the size – the screen is large enough to enjoy the photos I take (wonderfully sharp, clear, lots of pixels, and easy to see outside). At 13 megapixels, the quality is there so I can use them in my magazines at 300 DPI and still get a good-sized image. It has a front camera for selfies if you are of a mind to record your own movements.
With 32 gigs of internal storage, it is about twice the size of the first computer we used to create our Manitoba Gardener magazine. It’s fast and responsive, with 3 GB of RAM, and you can add memory if you like… but it wasn’t my intention to give you a technical review.
I don’t want to give you a review at all – I just want to let everyone know how happy I am with this little device.
The Blackberry Passport easily takes the place of the tablet, which has so many limitations and is too large to be convenient. I feel safe in predicting that the Blackberry Passport and its imitators will make the tablet obsolete. I can do everything on my Passport that I can do on a tablet – and take it with me in my purse. It fits in all the pockets I’ve tried it in, including those belonging to my husband.
It’s a long time since I have been as delighted with a little toy like this – maybe because this one is perfect for business. I can surf the net, take notes, pictures and videos (and send them all), play games, text, email, and make calls – it has voice recognition and a really good speakerphone. There are all kinds of apps for it and more coming, many of them really useful for business purposes.
True patriot love
But what delights me most of all is the fact that this device is Canadian. Am I a chauvinist? Yes, I guess so, but isn’t it about time we took some pride when Canadians do something wonderful? Blackberry has been a leader from the start, demonstrating just what kind of talent we produce here in the frozen north. I think we should all be using the product, even if it wasn’t such a clear pleasure and a leader in so many ways.
The sad thing is that I had to go to an American store to get my Blackberry Passport. MTS had a 20-name waiting list and doesn’t stock the phone in their stores. Rogers will only bring it in upon request, making you wait a week or so. I wanted one right away so I went to Future Shop who was glad to oblige, and gave us a $50 rebate on an old phone plus a phenomenal price on the new one.
I had to abandon my decade-long Rogers account to get the phone, though, and give up my idea of maybe bundling my services at MTS. Now we are with Telus, which doesn’t have the best range in Manitoba, but meets my citywide needs just fine. And the monthly price is right.
I’m happy. I love my new phone and I love that it is a homegrown product. Go see, feel, and try it out for yourself – and support a Canadian company.

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