Junior Chamber stays tight with past members

By Danelle Hueging

Welcome back from the summer!
Over the last few months, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Winnipeg members have had the chance to get out on the links and network with our senators, both at the JCI Winnipeg Senators golf tournament held in July, and our own JCI Winnipeg tournament held the first weekend in September. These opportunities to engage not only with JCI senators but also with other members are valuable as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with us.
What is a JCI senator you ask? A senatorship is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a member of Junior Chamber International. It is a unique way to pay tribute to an individual for his or her dedication and outstanding service on either a local, national, or international level.
Individuals must have served in the JCI organization for at least three years and have applied their leadership skills to growing and improving the organization in order to be eligible.
Each senatorship bears a unique senate number and is awarded as a lifetime membership in JCI. In granting this prestigious award, the senate forges a critical link between present and past members.
Some of the interesting accomplishments our JCI senators have had a hand in over the years include building the Transcona Jaycees Day Care Centre, involvement in getting Rainbow Stage up and running, securing the Santa float for the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade, and starting the Transcona Hi Neighbour Festival which has been running for 50 years!
All of these projects started as an idea, and grew into creating positive change in our community with the help of a team of Jaycees (another term for JCI members). This is the kind of impact our members have, and we invite you to be a part of the personal and professional development that happens along the way.
Part of what makes JCI Winnipeg such a great learning environment is the shared connections we have with our senators (both on and off the golf course) as we stay in touch on a regular basis through a variety of different events. Out on the links, we got the chance to get to know our senators and members away from the boardroom table. Hearing the stories of years gone by helps to put some of our current projects in perspective; both of us sharing in the ups and downs of trying to make things happen and the lessons learned along the way.
We get to ask for advice, share ideas, and see projects from a different perspective. One of our mottos is “Have a mentor, be a mentor,” and to be able to learn from a senator’s experience is something you can’t put a price on. The next best thing would be learning from your own experiences by getting involved in one of the projects as a committee member or chair.
The seasons are changing, and JCI members are getting excited to take on new experiences as some of us move into new roles and chair projects, or get involved in committees. It’s the perfect time of year to turn over a new leaf and take on a new challenge.
We unfortunately don’t have any more golf tournaments coming up in the near future, but we invite you to one of our monthly mixers to see for yourself how you can get involved. Visit our blog at jciwinnipeg.blogspot.ca for a calendar of upcoming events.

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