Table for One

Twist Me Toned - Tannis Miller
Twist Me Toned – Tannis Miller

Entering a new week and combating a bit of post-summer blues, Ainsley (my business partner) and I were sitting and chatting over coffee one morning while creating new Twist Me Toned (TMT) plans. We entered the age-old topic of how tough it can be to stay eating healthfully, especially during a season of hearty comfort foods and the cravings for warm, sugary drinks.
We got to thinking: we’re constantly providing advice and meal planning for women with families, but what about the single gals or those who live on their own?
We have found that we’re constantly teaching and preaching tips and tactics to stay focused on goals while juggling a busy household with crazy schedules, but very seldom touch upon the struggles of fitness and lifestyle goals in singledom.
You’ve heard it all: cook in big batches, make Tupperware your best friend, cut and wash all veggies ahead of time – you know the spiel, there’s nothing new to see here.
Except there is. With all of those tips being entirely useful, it can sometimes be less than convenient to always keep the refrigerator fully stocked, especially if you’ve only got one mouth to feed.
As we’ve all learned the hard way, the “enjoy fresh” window for veggies is limited to only a couple days, and avocados turn black faster than you can decide on what to do with them. You’re then forced to wonder if you can get away with freezing them for that paleo banana muffin recipe from Pinterest you’ve saved because you cringe at the idea of throwing away food.
Yogurt and hummus at the back of the fridge? Oh, we know, you’re also wondering if “best before” has the same meaning as an expiry date or if they’re just warning you it’s initial flavour isn’t as mind-blowing.
Even when the best intentions are there – and we do applaud you for your effort – a fully-stocked crisper can simply go to waste if you’re only putting bread on the table for one.
Modern-day troubles are surfacing in a big way, we hear ya. But let’s shine light on a new way of looking at things.
What if you immediately peeled half your bananas and froze them right when you got home from shopping because frozen bananas are way more amazing in shakes than raw ones anyway?
Avocados are cheaper in bulk, but who eats eight avocados in a week? Buy one at a time, maybe two, and have a use for them in mind before mindlessly throwing them in your cart because you think you like them.
Or is it just because you read you should like them – good fats fight bad fats, right? Never mind, one it is.
Meal prep
Shop on a day when you can allot a spare couple of hours to actually prepping your food into a big recipe or two, and then freezing half. This makes those Sundays when you’ve had a weekend of two friends’ birthday celebrations far easier to eat clean on, and you can delay your shopping and skip the dishes. Or the delivery tip (whoops!).
Shop with friends
Cooking doesn’t always have to be a chore or something to cross off your to-do list. Get together with a clean-eating friend and shop and cook together. It’s a great way to catch up, trade recipes, and maybe even pick up a few cooking tips to dazzle your next dinner party. Oh, the possibilities!
Curb your cravings
Also, while we’re on the topic of grocery shopping, I might add (if it doesn’t go without saying) that throwing any junk food into your cart is a weight loss faux-pas, and simply sets you up for failure before you even start your week.
Assuming we’re all humans here, cravings can get the best of us, and it’s all about how you prepare for that eventual fall. Have coconut or almond milk ice cream in the fridge instead of the regular stuff, and stock a bag of yam chips and salsa for a quick nibble if you so desire. I’ve found that most cravings can easily be satisfied by replicated, guilt-free versions.
There you have it.
A reminder: do not buy in bulk unless you are going to cook in bulk. Unless you plan to waste food, get to love your freezer, and don’t just buy for the sake of buying.
We know, preparing to eat clean isn’t necessarily easier because you’ve only got yourself to worry about; it instead poses a new set of problems that will test you along your challenging yet rewarding lifestyle journey.
It is never easy, it will never be easy, but it will get easier as you go – and the habits will form just as quickly as the results that come along with it!

At, Tannis and business partner Ainsley McSorley are your partners in success. With their unique online training system, they help women of all ages worldwide develop healthy body images, and the fitness and nutrition knowledge to shape their bodies and reach their highest fitness goals. Members receive monthly workouts and grocery lists, and can track their progress with progress trackers, activity calendars, and personal progress photo albums. The interactive messaging board and the ability to connect with Tannis and Ainsley on a regular basis keep motivation high and results soaring. Staying on track has never been easier!

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