I get by with a little help from my friends

By Ally Champagne

When time is of the essence, and does not include a lot of open time slots for clothes shopping, one can seek the help of a fashion or wardrobe consultant. These professionals really are available to everyone – not just the rich and famous. And they will save you time and money.
Wardrobe professionals focus on helping clients craft their look, whether for a casual, formal, business or social function. A professional’s opinion and skills can certainly boost your image and, in turn, your confidence level.
After studying hard to achieve your career goals, the next step is to go out into the world, dressed with a look and fit that states: “I am ready, world, bring it on!” The simplest way and least time-consuming way to do this is to get a little help from the fashion experts.
The fashion assessment
What can you expect from a wardrobe consultant? First off, when you have chosen one, you will meet with him/her and discuss your needs as well as your budget. Consultants will take into consideration your lifestyle, body type, style preferences, and assess any of these should you choose.
Useful information you can provide is if you’re transitioning in your life – getting married, starting a new job or getting a promotion, and/or re-entering the dating field.
Once you have built a rapport, you can set up a viewing of your closet. This may seem a bit daunting (cue images of “What Not to Wear” re-runs), but it will help your consultant see what you have, what will still work, and what needs to go. This is all about creating your new optimal look.
Revamping your closet
This means they will first work with what you have on-hand to create your best wardrobe. They’ll be able to create outfits for you from former items that you may have never considered matching together.
This is the benefit of working with someone with a lot of savoir faire; you will end up with a more effective wardrobe with things you have already and build from there.
Wardrobe consultants are flexible as to where to meet you. They can meet you at your home, your office, or over a cup of tea at your favourite restaurant. Wherever you’re comfortable, they will help you identify your best assets and how to use those to your advantage.
So often I see someone wearing an outfit or suit that accentuates the flaws rather than the assets. It is not just about the fit, but takes the right textures as well as complementary colours to complete an attractive look. These are other areas of expertise fashion experts cover.
Choosing a consultant
When browsing for a consultant, look online and find a few fashion experts. Look at their credentials and read the testimonials. The very good ones usually have them available on their web pages. Check out prices as they do vary from consultant to consultant.
Once you have accomplished your fashion goals, your wardrobe consultant will be available to you for further sessions such as helping you find an outfit for a special wedding or other event. The money you spend on these services will eventually flow back to you, either by saving you dollars on buying the proper items the first time around or through the creation of new confidence and a higher paying job.
You are deserving of the best, to be your best and feel your best, so here’s to a little personal investment.

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