Forget T-shirt time, it’s bathing suit time!

One-piece bathing suits are still the best option for those who can't sit still. Photo by Holly Lay
One-piece bathing suits are still the best option for those who can’t sit still. Photo by Holly Lay

By Ally Champagne

It seems the warmth of summer is finally here. Although we have not had an over-the-top hot and sunny season to date, many of us still rejoice in a hint of sun and frolick in our bathing suits.
Swimsuit season has been known to make some women run for hills, while others have been planning their summer wear since winter.
It is possible to find a bathing suit that fits and suits your figure as well as allows you to feel terrific while wearing it.
Demystifying the process can take a little preparation, such as removing any unwanted or unsightly hair – especially if you are shopping with someone else. And one must remember to never, ever try on a swimsuit minus your undies. This is where your hygienic code must be followed to the letter.
You may even wish to set out on the journey before a meal, or on a “skinny day,” to set out in the best spirits and avoid building on a bad body image.
When your body and spirit is ready for the try-ons, find a swimsuit store that specializes in swimming attire. This will greatly facilitate the process. You might think to yourself that you do not want to spend a fortune on a bathing suit, but by going to the experts, you will decidedly find what looks best on you. And that is important.
Once you get that information, you may then wish to turn to some great online shopping.
Colours and patterns
You will want to look for colours and fabrics that bring out your “wow” factor, highlighting your best attributes and toning down the parts you are not so happy with (and we all have those!).
Flaws or less-loved areas are best hidden by using a bright colour or pattern. You can use dark colours with pale skin and bright colours for dark skin for the concealing effect. Tanned or dark-skinned women look great in patterns with bright yellow, orange or coral.
Helping your silhouette
Creating a bust line can be as easy as buying a bathing suit with ruffles gracing the top edges. Creating a waist or hiding some tummy fat can be done with ruching or shirred sides which also add the element of length.
Mix and match
When buying a two-piece or tankini, do the two pieces have to match? Absolutely not. You can choose a top with a bright or patterned colour to highlight your top and camouflage the bottom with a dark colour. Most shops now sell the mix-and-match two-pieces.
To draw eyes to the bust, you can try halter tops, as well as triangle tops and tie-front bikini tops. The latter pulls the breasts closer, creating the look of being more boobescent. If you are lacking in the upper domain, this might be a great style for you.
Boy shorts allow your hips to appear wider, no matter what colour you choose. Suppose you have a rather endowed top with smaller hips, choosing this bottom can create a more hourglass figure.
Beware: these bottoms are not for everyone, and may feel uncomfortable unless your hips are straight. Women with larger hips should avoid these.
Two-piece evolution
Tankini tops have come a long way. At one time, these suits were made for women with perfect tummies. Today, you can find them longer and more flared to hide any tummy excess. They also create the illusion of length in the torso, a plus if you are short on length.
Women with larger busts are now finding bikini tops conducive to their assets. You can now find tops with underwire support, thick chest bands to prevent your glorious girls from escaping, and straps so fine you can dare run in the sun.
Tried and true
If you are a serious swimmer, the one-piece is perfect. There are so many styles and colours available as well as suits for longer torsoed women.
Remember, it’s in the fit and how it makes you feel. If any of your body parts are experiencing any level of pinching or bulging, it is not the size for you. Bite the bullet and go up one size.
Keep in mind that suits can sometimes stretch from a half-size to a full-size after wearing them in the water, but pinching at the seams is still a sign of misfit. You want it snug but comfortable and attractive.
Lastly, they now have magic suits, constructed especially to hide muffin tops or tummy extras as well as to create lift in your booty area. They cost more but the result is spectacular.
So find a few shops, and go find the look that will make you feel like Bo Derek. Happy hunting!

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